Energy and Enlightenment

The Pilgrim’s Journey

Many aspire to search for enlightenment, but not everyone has insight into what the journey really entails. The idea may have a glamorous persona, but in the initial stages a great deal of ‘spiritual housework’ needs to be done, and part of this is to learn about energy, and how to control and use it.

It is difficult to grasp what energy actually is, much less how to control it. It is a force that can be either weak or strong, and is capable of moulding itself into both solid and intangible form. In fact, as stated before, it is everything, for this energy of life pervades the universe – It is the One Great Life of which we are a reflection, just as the minute atom is a reflection of the universe itself.

The Energy of ‘Consciousness’

In the beginning there was unity, and that unity divided into force and form, bringing duality – the prelude to manifestation. The friction (or mating – see Polarity) of opposites produced a third factor

Consciousness, or knowledge of self – the ‘I am’.

And just as the power that issues from an electrical plug is channelled energy, producing light, so ‘consciousness’ is channelled energy in the mind, and – as the biblical statement says – ‘Light Flashes Forth’.

The purpose of manifestation is one of unfolding of ‘consciousness’ to it’s ultimate end; raising awareness from ignorance to supreme understanding. Just as the sun rotates in seasons, so it is believed that we re-incarnate into the physical world (see Re-incarnation) and – through the experience of a series of personalities – gradually perfect the soul. Thus we make ourselves better conductors (or instruments) of The One Creative Light.

Energy “is” – it has no mind

Without control it is extremely unpredictable and volatile

In terms of ‘consciousness’, we become the controllers that channel this force. Hence, those who search for enlightenment need to be very respectful of the hidden energies they are dealing with, for the brighter the Spiritual Light the easier it is to be burnt.

However, even with the most powerful energy source, there are always adjustments that can be made to anticipate and compensate for possible difficulties. It is only a question of applying the correct knowledge, and erring on the side of rational thought, rather than pure emotional credulousness.

The first rule

The first rule of any proper Spiritual training is:


It is important to know our capabilities and work with them accordingly – at our own speed. The journey to enlightenment is not a competition, and there are no winners or losers in this arena.

Spiritual training is not all about phenomenal experiences or sparkling blue bubbles in the ether. Common sense and logic have a great deal to do with it, and we can liken our search to the preparation we need to make when approaching anything new.

It is wise, therefore, to always begin with basic and practical grounding, for it is only from solid foundations that we are ready to go out in the midday sun without risk of burning.

In most circumstances a healthy suntan can only be obtained in easy and careful stages. It has to be concentrated upon, and worked towards. By the same token, those who seek instant enlightenment will be greatly disappointed, for they will either lack the courage to come out of the shadows or, in their foolish enthusiasm, look straight into the sun, only to find themselves blinded by the light.

Working from our central source

The central source of energy lies within the heart of the universe, just as our own personal source of energy lies within the heart of ourselves. It is important therefore to be constantly aware of strengthening that energy within ourselves, so that it may be radiated out from a central point, pervading all that we think and do.

Within the physical body there are seven main energy centres, known as the chakras. Each centre pertains to a different aspect of ourselves. Balancing these centres, and awareness and control of loss of energy is an important factor in development.

Time needs to be spent in learning about these centres, and how to raise our personal energy level at will to the head – the third eye, and the region of sight (see chakras) – so that in all things we may ‘see’ more clearly in the rational sense.

The energy of ‘consciousness’ can be:


Such as in animals, and those who base their responses on the emotional level. In humans this is normally understood as a ‘gut reaction’.


This is based on reason, and thus pertains to the mental level. There is a sense of ‘inner knowing’, even though outside circumstances may appear to be different.

For the purpose of enlightenment, we are interested in developing intuition.

Intuition does not mean lack of feeling, for without feeling nothing can be ensouled. Nevertheless, it does mean applying the art of discrimination between what action is really needed and what is just a personal reaction, thus keeping emotional control within our own hands, and not those of anyone or anything else.

What do you believe?

Before we can truly appreciate the amazing potential we hold within us, we need to try to come to grips with the immense energy concealed in our minds. And we also need to decide whether we can believe two things :

1. “Every thought is a thing”

As an aspect of energy every thought it has it’s own shape and reality, just like the physical body – but of a different vibration from that we can see and touch in the physical world.

We are the creators of our own lives, because what we think governs how we action, and the actions we take mould our future. Hence Buddha once said:

“We are what we think, having become what we thought”

2. Our physical world is not the only world in a universe of force and form

There are worlds within worlds, and trees within trees, and beyond our physical bodies are the worlds of the personality, soul and spirit – and beyond those, other entities that have long since ceased to need to incarnate, yet remain on other planes to help the evolution of humanity.

These Beings are known as The Hierarchy, Masters, Brotherhood, or the Inner Plane Adepti, and work far beyond the realms of our own personal guides, (who can be located on the ‘local’ astral planes). It is this Hierarchy that we should seek to contact to ensure our successful development, and to put an ultimate meaning to our personal growth, and indeed that of humanity.

And if we succeed, the world opens up beyond our wildest imaginings, and we are never alone again.

But because everything is energy, the energy of enlightenment, inspired by the Inner Planes, must be exchanged for the energy of hard work and dedication – and indeed, the over-credulous or the mindless sceptic can certainly not be seen as part of the balance needed to aid the common cause.

The Question of Proof

If we concentrate on developing good intuition, it gives us the power to discriminate between truth, partial truth and falsehood.

As we progress, it is wise to attempt to interpret things within the language we have come to understand – and apply logic without becoming the sceptic. With any teachings we should not be afraid to ask questions if they are needed, and that includes questions directed towards higher realms than just our world.

Enlightenment can be inspired, but it can never be bought, traded or given – it has to be worked for, and a true teacher will not expect you to accept everything without question.

However, the language of the physical plane is denoted by physical experiences, and the languages of the other planes do not provide proof in the same way as our science has come to expect. This is simply because they are not part of the physical plane – and yet there are multitudes of other kinds of proof, if we know where to look, and learn how to recognise them.

So, if the idea of enlightenment to you is more about a bolt of lightning on the road to Damascus than active commitment to learning these languages, then you will be at the start of your journey for a very long time, for you will always be waiting for proof to flash from the sky, and no teacher will ever be good enough, nor questions ever answered in the way you require.

Enlightenment will only come – not through blind faith nor astounding phenomena – but when we are ready, through our own reasoning, to appreciate any truths that may be shown – and the responsibility for arriving at that understanding will always remain with ourselves.

Purity of Motive and Action

Esoteric knowledge brings increased responsibility – not only to ourselves, but also the welfare of others. Our motives for learning are of prime importance, and our motives for using what we learn even more important still.

The world of the universe is a dynamic machine of great hidden power – a power that, with the know how and determination, we can begin to tap and use for our own benefit and that of others.

But like any dynamic machine it must not be abused.

As with all things, and most importantly in the field of dealing with forces more powerful than our own, it is wise to seek to raise our personal vibrations to attract those of higher integrity. Thus we need to be aware of the purity of our motives, and our reason for seeking to enter each field of discovery.

Our physical condition and cleanliness, including the home in which we live, is just as important as purity of thought, for, unless in exceptional circumstances, one is but a reflection of the other, and to be able to discriminate in our everyday lives is the first step in the growth of the soul.

Mental pride and avarice are a danger to all who come in contact, for knowledge and thoughts don’t belong to us – they are not possessions, and they are to there be shared with those who want to know. This, however, does not obviate the need for silence about our adventures at times, for silence conserves energy, and in certain circumstances this energy can be better used elsewhere than on flamboyant stories.

And last, but not least, it is important to avoid being caught up in the illusion of glamour. Sadly, there are those who aspire to reach the gods, who seriously believe that they have actually become one, but you will see no stars on this pilgrimage except those in the sky.

Nothing we ever receive is given for nothing

True discipleship demands constant attention, unswerving dedication, strong determination, deep humility – yet faith in our own ability to succeed – and above all trust and respect for higher forces than our own.

But the discoveries we make are more fulfilling, more rewarding, and indeed more exciting than anything we can aspire to in our material world.