The Seven Chakras

The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘disc’. According to Hindu tradition, there are seven of these Chakras in the human body, each a different colour and relating to a different area of the body.

A Chakra is a spinning vortex of energy, which, like a bicycle or car wheel, needs to be in balance in order to work effectively. Imagine driving your car with one wheel that is not balanced, the vibration would permeate every bone of your body, making the drive incredibly uncomfortable!

The same principle applies to your Chakras – they are all of equal importance, and if just one of the seven is not working effectively, there is a knock-on effect throughout the body causing at the least discomfort and at the worst, disease.

Each of the Chakras relate to a different aspect of ourselves. The Base Chakra is associated with the Earth Plane, therefore it is very dense and spins slowly. When we move our consciousness higher, it becomes less dense and so the speed of the associated chakra quickens. If there is an imbalance, a Chakra can over or under activate, which then causes a change in speed. Extremes in behaviour can indicate imbalances in the Chakras.

There are no “good” or “bad” Chakras, nor are there higher or lower Chakras in terms of spirituality. All are needed for earthly experience and spiritual development. There are only higher and lower frequencies like musical notes – each equal, each beautiful, each necessary.

Together, the Chakras form an amazing network, each operating in its own way and area, but all working together to provide a wonderful flow of energy throughout the body, connecting us to both the Earth and the Universe.

On the following pages are brief descriptions of each chakra, it’s function, and certain difficulties that can arise through imbalance.

By Ruth McGregor