(O)rder of the (W)hite (L)ion

Welcome to The Order of the White Lion – also known as O.W.L

Many seriously believe that there is a common bridge of thought that can encompass all things, however seemingly strange.  The difficulty is in finding that bridge, for most of us are full of preconceived ideas, and frightened of anything new.

The Order of the White Lion (O.W.L) will be taking a look at different approaches to a Universal Language so profound that it seems complex in its’ simplicity – yet it is simply the language of Nature, which is subject to the same universal laws as ourselves.

With a little observation this language can be used as a tool to help us to discover ourselves and our true potential, for we can learn to act in time with the natural cycle of our lives.

If we stop considering how wrong others are, but instead look to how right they could be, we may find a way of fitting things together in accord with all thoughts and beliefs, which will lead to greater tolerance and understanding of ourselves and each other.

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