The Four Elements

In ancient times, considerable note was made of understanding the elements, for these were considered the building bricks of the Universe, and hence many believed that these were also part of the basic structure of themselves.

The Wise Beings of those times saw themselves as a reflection of the universe. They studied the stars and nature, and used the information they gleaned, as a method of understanding their Creator and themselves.

All of us now live amongst nature, even those in towns and cities, and most of us are quietened by walking in the countryside or along the seashore.

Few of us take the time to really study it, yet if we care to follow these ancient beliefs, we may find that nature itself holds the key to much inner knowledge of our own nature, and the part we play in the great Cosmic Plan.

Every day we warm ourselves by Fire

Wash ourselves in Water

Feel the Wind in our hair

Walk upon the Earth

Yet many would be astounded to realise that those same elements could be interpreted as also functioning within ourselves. We are all made by the same laws, and these elements are not only felt around us, but can very certainly be seen to express themselves in many ways within our nature.

Because of this, the elements are considered by some to be very important and, by analogy, can be compared as follows:-

Air = Thought

Fire = Desire

Water = Emotions

Earth = Stability

There are many sayings that have arisen from this, and it is by no accident that we hear of such things as:

Cool breeze of reason (AIR)

Flames of Passion (FIRE)

Swamped by emotion (WATER)

Solid as a rock (EARTH)

And there are many more analogies if we care to think about it.

The more we study nature, and compare it with ourselves, the more we can perhaps learn to know and understand each other, and the uniqueness of our own individuality.

Have you ever wondered why we say “God the Father”

and call the world we live upon “Mother Earth”?

Nature could be considered as the Bride and reflection of Creation.

The Father the Creator

The Mother the Nurturer of all in manifestation upon the Earth

both working in perfect polarity.

We are told that that everything in nature is made up of the 4 basic elements, and it is worth looking at how this can affect us too – as we will discover on the following pages.