Guides, Doorkeepers, and Masters

This Guides, Doorkeepers, and Masters introduction begins with exploring the ‘Human’ Tree of Life.

The ‘Human’ Tree of Life


Note: specific colours have been used  to help accent important associations with each section of The Tree. If read slowly and carefully it will become easier to get a complete picture of the function of each level whilst examining the different planes.

The following is a visual description of the Human Hierarchy, and their positions on The Tree of Life. The bottom sephirah (circle) called Malkuth is the most dense, physical plane, and relates to all human beings that live on earth (the people).


Every person has their own personality, soul and spiritual levels  as shown on the page explaining our Personal Tree – it is advisable to read this page first.

The Tree can be looked at in many different ways, and on the Human Tree the different layers of the personality, soul and spirit are exactly the same as on the Personal Tree, but relate to humanity in general, rather than the individual.

Disincarnate beings reside on the levels above Malkuth. These are our helpers and mentors on other planes and, according to the position they are placed, work with us at different levels of understanding.

You will see how this works in the images and their description below. The Hebrew and English names of the sephiroth (circles) are also shown.

Malkuth – The Kingdom  /  Humanity

People keep each other company, and children are helped to learn about life from their parents, teachers, and friends.

Whoever we are – living alone or with others – we all have our own spiritual connections with various disincarnate friends, helpers and teachers on other planes, who can also aid us immensely in life.

It should be stressed, however, that these ‘beings’ do not dictate to us, nor interfere with our Free Will.  They are eager to help us, but only if we request them to do so.

Malkuth means ‘The Kingdom’, and represents the Kingdom of Earth – the most dense physical plane, which is the home of all those alive in this world.

Yesod – The Foundation  /  Personal Guides

Yesod ( the Foundation) is the sephirah directly above the earth plane on the Tree of Life.  It is far less dense than the physical world, and is often known as the ‘Local Astral’ plane. Those who reside in this world are not incarnate, and it is believed that this is where we go directly after we die.  Most ‘beings’ on this plane can be classified as very like ourselves, but perhaps with a slightly more objective view than we are able to perceive.

Every individual on the earth plane has a “Personal Guide” from the Astral Plane, who stays with them throughout their incarnate life, and is there to help guide them through the hazards of everyday living. They can only be seen by clairvoyant sight, but often their presence can be felt quite strongly, particularly in times of stress.

Unlike many people, your Personal Guide will never leave you, regardless of how you behave in life, and are specifically chosen because there is an affinity between you both that is helpful for your present incarnation. They will not be a Personal Guide to anyone else, and are totally committed to your emotional welfare.

If you request them for help in personal issues, you may be amazed how you’re suddenly ‘impressed’ with solutions to what may have seemed an impossible situation, or perhaps find the answers to confusing questions in your dreams.

Although our friends and relatives that have recently died live on this plane, and will move close at certain times in life, they would not be your Personal Guide, as this guide will have been with you since birth.

The Personal Guide will not reincarnate until the person they are looking after has passed across into the Astral Worlds. Sometimes, such a rapport has built up between the two that, in rare cases, a decision is made to stay together when the Personal Guide chooses to reincarnate. Thus the roles are reversed and the previous guide incarnates on the earth plane with their counterpart as their own Personal Guide on the Astral Plane.

Every person also has a Doorkeeper with them throughout life, although only at specific times.  They too reside on the ‘Astral Plane’, but are more specialised than personal guides.  Clairvoyants often see them as warriors, and their function is to protect our subconscious mind.

When doing any form of spiritual work we open up to emotional experiences beyond the physical plane.  The Doorkeeper’s job is to open the ‘door’ to our mind; to protect us from unwanted interference while we work, and close it after we have finished. This allows easy return to our earthly life, and prevents unnecessary loss of energy.

It is essential that we ask for help from our Doorkeepers for, like our guides, they will not action without our permission.

Both our Personal Guides and Doorkeepers are totally dedicated to our personal welfare.  The Astral World of Yesod is extremely close to the earth plane, and therefore it is relatively easy for us to become aware of their presence.

They are there to assist not to frighten us. They are not ‘apparitions’ and certainly will never ‘appear’ as spooks in the night!   Only if we make it known that we are willing, will they find ways of letting us know they are there.

They never make judgements on our decisions or behaviour, although they will attempt to guide and protect us from damaging situations.

Visiting Guides

Hod:  Science and Logic                 Netzach: Art Creativity

The areas of Hod and Netzach are known as the ‘Upper Astral’ worlds, and are associated with the logical and creative sides of ourselves. When we are dealing with pure thought and reasoning, we are pulling in the influence of Hod. When we are using our imagination and creative ability we are being influenced by Netzach. These worlds are on a higher plane than Yesod, and are more advanced and ethereal.

Sometimes, when a person becomes increasingly committed to an intellectual activity or artistic objective, certain Guides from the respective worlds will move in to aid them in their endeavour.

They are called ‘Visiting’ or ‘Temporary’ Guides, as they only stay as long as the person is concentrating on that activity.  When the learning phase is over, they will pass on to aid someone else.  Hence these Guides will move in or out as the need requires and will take part in assisting more than one individual.

These ‘beings’ are interested in the personal development of someone who is striving for more specific and concentrated achievements other than just their everyday lives.  The higher the intention and progress, the more advanced the guide and, as the student develops, these guides will change and upgrade to enhance the ability and necessary learning.

It is said that many brilliant people from the science or the arts, who have long since died, have been known to aid and influence a committed person in their work, and can be seen beside them in Astral Sight.  It is also interesting that the student will likely have ‘revelations’ that seem to come from nowhere, and often unwittingly take on the stance and behaviour of their guide at these times.

Tiphareth:  Soul Guides

These Guides are far more advanced than previous guides, and not interested in personality issues.  They are involved with the development of the Soul, and are known as the ‘Lesser Masters’.

In that sense, they are there to help the individual, but only join us when the soul awakens to ‘itself’.  They have infinite knowledge, and are of extreme value in guiding us on the Pilgrim’s Path, as we strive for greater understanding of our Soul direction and destiny in our present life.

Each of us has a Soul Guide which is extremely important, for they stand in the centre of the Human Tree, and at the ‘heart’ of ourselves.  They are the mediating force between the person we know as ‘Me’ in our everyday life (the personality), and the Soul that we are, in the much higher sense.  When a Guide reaches this stage, they do not reincarnate, except for the purpose of aiding humanity.

The Soul Guide is interested in developing moral values, and it is their job to help us make the transition from the self-centred, emotionally reactive individual, to the ‘soul conscious’ dedicated Disciple on the road to enlightenment.  But they can only begin to do this when we start to recognise that there is more to us than just the personality, and there is a much greater ‘inner world’ that we wish to explore.

When we urgently strive for ‘higher knowledge’, the appropriate Guide will step forward to help us, and we will find that events and circumstances – like the ‘right’ book or ‘course of instruction’ – will appear almost magically before us which will herald the first step on our road to self-discovery.  And once the Disciple becomes more advanced they will be able to make their own personal connection with their Soul Guide who will continue to train them in the deeper mysteries of other worlds.

Although the Soul Guide takes on individual tuition, they will also be responsible for the development of other souls.  Regardless of this, they will still maintain close interest until the time comes for their student to move on further, and another more advanced Guide will take their place.

They never get involved in ‘personal issues’, although they do monitor the Disciple’s reactions to these experiences, and determine their usefulness to the development of the soul.  However, if the student, inspite of their studies, is unwilling or unable to work towards raising their consciousness, and steadfastly remains locked in issues of pride, petty resentments or over reactive behaviour to life events, then the Soul Guide – unlike our personal guides and doorkeepers – will step away from the individual and wait for a more opportune time to continue with their training.

The Masters

Geburah                        Chesed

Important note:  whilst examining this area, we first need to understand that at this level the Guides are extremely ethereal and exceptionally highly advanced.  They are known as The Masters, or the Inner Plane Adepti, and can be looked upon as the Hierarchy of Humanity.

Just as in every physical plane situation, whether in the family, the work place or in the political arena, there are always those who command deep respect and lead the way, so the same applies as we climb the Tree of Life.  As human beings, however, we are always open to making mistakes but this Hierarchy are the Observers and Masters of all the worlds, and their comprehension of the Cosmic Plan is far beyond our personal reasoning.

These Sacred Guides are the ‘Sages’ of the Inner Worlds, who have long since become ‘Adepts’ of the lower levels, and have no further need for incarnation on the physical plane.  They are sometimes known as The Brotherhood, or the Ascended Masters, and indeed they have earned the right to ascend to the highest levels of the Tree but have chosen to remain in their present position in order to support and aid those who are following in their footsteps.   It is not surprising therefore, that their concentration is not on individuals but the soul development of the whole of humanity.

The Lords of Karma

The Lords of Karma are the Overseers and Assessors of Human Conscience, and their interest is in the Fiery Sword of Truth.  The Law of Cause and Effect applies across all levels of the Universe, and it is their job to evaluate and reconcile individual, family, national, and international Karmic conditions in order to balance the Cosmic Scales of Justice.

If we consider how difficult it is for us to correctly assess and clear our own karmic conditions, we might get some idea how immense their job is, and how impossible it is for us to judge or even appreciate the bigger picture.

It is a sobering thought to wonder how we can ever validate war, without perhaps a twinge of conscience as to how this could karmically affect ourselves, our country, or indeed the Overall Plan.  On the greater scale, the question arises as to how any of us on earth can possibly assess what is right or wrong on opposing sides of battle, and those who remain defiantly blind to the far reaching outcome of their decisions, or fearful of facing the real truth of themselves, will pay a heavy price.    (See karmic section)

The Lords of Karma should be deeply respected, but not feared, for this is not part of the Divine Plan.  Unlike the lower levels of humanity, they see no need to promote fear in the name of ‘righteousness’.   But they do see the need to protect us from ourselves by confronting us with the consequence of our decisions, and inviting us to learn from the experience.   In that sense they do deal with us personally, but not until long after death.

As we all know, ‘Ignorance is no excuse of the Law’, and it is in the interest of human evolution that every individual becomes mindful of their moral responsibilities.  So in the wider sense these Great Masters may seem severe, but are indeed deeply caring Guardians of Humanity.  Their job is simply to return to us the fruits of our labour – whether good or bad – and thus ensure that eventually we find the courage to live by honest convictions, and are willingly prepared to reap what we have sown.

The Lords of Peace

The Lords of Peace are Teachers and Mentors of human values, and their interest is in the Vision of a perfected species that will develop and evolve in natural alignment with the overall Cosmic Plan.  Their job is to counsel and help raise human consciousness in preparation for the spiritual journey into the upper worlds.

However advanced we are, we are all travelling on the same path, and the Masters well know that it is only when we all learn to spiritually adjust and fall in line with the natural order and timing of the universe, that humanity will find the Utopian world that it seeks.

Nevertheless, these radiant Beings of Light are deeply aware of the human dilemma in the earthly struggle between the inner and outer worlds.  Like all the Masters they have long since walked this path themselves, and know well the hurdles and the setbacks along the way.  But they do not wear the face of severity like that of their counterparts for it is their function to temper the more severe conditions of the human race with mercy and compassion.  The overall karma of humanity weighs very heavy and, in their deep benevolence, they willingly ‘give back’ some of their own good karma to help balance the scales and aid us on our way.

The Lords of Peace – like the Lords of Karma – are the Masters of the Jigsaw of Life.  Their job is infinite and far beyond our own comprehension for they have a total view of all the bits and pieces that make up the light and shade of our fragile species.  They do not intervene to prevent karma, nor interfere in the use of Free Will, but they do attempt to manipulate the order and timing of events, to draw the greater picture one step closer to the original Holy Vision for humanity.

There are those who believe that the universe is perfect and will naturally provide all we need.  They are right, but we need to appreciate that we must also help ourselves for ‘correct timing’ is everything.  We, as individuals, are responsible for enhancing and improving our own personal ‘moment in time’ so the Great Human Jigsaw will more easily fall into perfect alignment with the Overall Cosmic Plan.  If each of us was really willing and capable of doing this, we would indeed have Paradise on earth.

Although the Masters of Geburah and Chesed are only interested in the evolution of the whole of humanity they do, on rare occasions, take on the telepathic role of teachers and advisors of certain individuals whose intense dedication and spiritual involvement shows signs of usefulness to the advancement of the species.

These people will often find themselves ‘driven’ for no apparent reason, and the more they live with an open heart and passionate spirit, the more ‘the light’ in the crown centre shines – almost like a candle in the dark – which may eventually catch the attention of the hierarchy.

And if this happens – and only if the disciple is prepared to completely commit to the Call of the Masters – they will be deeply tested, honed, and trained to become earthly Spiritual Advisors whose job it is to enhance the awareness of the ‘awakening’ minds of their peers.

This is how true Spiritual Schools begin, and continue to progress only with the permission and specific guidance of the Great Masters involved.  It is a job of immense trust in Higher Powers, and responsibility and service to mankind. Therefore, any person who demands a heavy financial input for this service, or holds themselves up as ‘keepers of enlightenment’, should be regarded as deeply suspect, for the Masters are not the least bit interested in training those who lack humility or seek self-gratification.

Thus humanity proceeds on its long journey back to the source of creation. Those who have gone before assisting and advising, until others arrive from the lower planes to take their place.  And it is only when a certain stage has been accomplished that the present Masters will move across the abyss to take their rightful position in the Supernal Triangle of the Human Tree.

Supreme Female and Male powers

Binah                    Chokmah

This is the Sacred position of both Spiritual Innocence and Enlightenment, where the Divine Sparks first begin their journey into manifestation on earth, and others return as the Perfected Beings of their species.  To our inferior understanding the latter can be described as Supreme Male and Female Powers – aspects of Force and Form – that reflect the Divine Will and Love of the One Creator.   Indeed they embody the Supreme Consciousness of Wisdom and Understanding, and these omnipotent powers have been classified as the Father and Mother of Creation.

Divine Essence 

Kether             The Master Creator

Kether is known as the Crown of Creation.  The ‘First Swirlings’ from which all existence begins.

On the Human Tree this is seen by many as the Great ‘I Am’ – the One Almighty God, (both, or neither male and female) whose Divine Consciousness chose to ignite the first spark of human life – Adam Kadmon – in the Image of ‘Itself’.

So if we have ever thought that we have been left alone in this world, perhaps it is time now to think again?

Everyone of us has a huge ‘bank’ of helpers and advisors, all working on different levels of consciousness – physical, personality, soul and spirit – to aid each one of us in our Human Quest for Life.   All we have to do is trust that they exist; ask for their help when needed, and remember to thank them for their continued support.

However, we should appreciate that they are not our slaves and, although they will always respond to a request for help, it may be in a way that we don’t immediately understand.  Their interest is in what we need, rather than what we want.   It is important to respect the fact that our knowledge on this most dense plane is extremely limited, and we must make the effort to look at things from a wider perspective than our material word.  We will never find the proofs we are looking for, if we stick stubbornly to our ignorance of the ‘languages’ used by other planes in their attempt to assist us.

So It is absolutely no use calling on our Doorkeepers, and then refusing their help and blaming them when we suffer from exhaustion – by insisting on continuing to obsess over our experiences after the event.  Nor can we expect our Soul Guide to deal with personality problems, or our Personal Guide with Soul issues.   And it is certainly not sensible to ask the Lords of Karma to show us what we need to confront and learn, and then refuse to deal with the experience!

Except in exceptional circumstances no guide will interfere in karmic conditions, for this is our own pattern of learning – which, like a parent, they cannot do for us – but they can aid us in dealing with the issues involved.  They may try to warn us of impending difficulties, but they will never impose their own Will upon us without our express permission.

So, if we try to remember the ‘function’ of the guides on the different planes – personality, soul or spirit – and how that relates to us in terms of the experience we are presently confronting, we will come closer to understanding which guide is likely to be connecting with us at any one time. We, on earth, are fraught with human weakness, but also the indomitable desire to overcome.  Our Guides are only too willing to support and help us, but it is down to us to really try to understand the way of communication.

After all, they may be dialling our number, but the bell that rings is heard in our dreams, our heart or mind, and not in our ears.  And, in the final analysis, how will we ever really know they are calling, if we don’t make the effort to learn how to pick up the phone?

We hope you have enjoyed reading about Guides, Doorkeepers, and Masters. If you would like more information on the Practical Qabalah and the Tree of Life please click here.

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