Elemental Kingdoms

The Elemental Kingdoms are said to represent the Inner Spiritual Forces of the 4 elements.

They show themselves as images that people have built up over so many hundreds of years that they have taken on a separate life of their own.

To some they are extremely visible, and ancient Celtic folk law tells many stories of the Gnomes, Fairies, and Elves, or the ‘Little people’ as the Irish often call them. These are all part of the element Earth.

Less commonly known are the Sylphs, Salamanders, and Undines, which are part of the elements Air, Fire, and Water respectively.


Each Elemental Kingdom resides under the direction of an Elemental King, who himself serves one of the 4 Great Archangels.

Together they control the weather patterns of the world.

The elementals are mischievous creatures, who are said to be so enchanting  they can lead us into forgetfulness of our own destiny on earth.  But in truth this simply means that obsession – as with anything – can tempt us to live in a fantasy world of dreams and false promises, leaving us unable to confront and handle our everyday lives.

Nevertheless, contact with them is not only unavoidable, but deeply enriching and, when treated with love, respect and proper control, can enhance the magic of our lives through enabling us to really see and understand the awesome inner beauty and power of the 4 elements that give us life; and we in turn, by our contact with these Beings, can ensure their continued existence.

The mighty elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth are the domain of the Elemental kingdoms as well as our own, and it is said that it is only with the protection of the Archangels, and the permission of the Elemental Kings, that they remain in any semblance of control.

Although skeptics would dismiss their description as flights of pure fancy we are told, by those who believe, that the Elemental Kings and their kingdoms are intrinsically part of our heritage.

They share our existence, and the elements they represent dominate our lives – as we have surely seen clearly in recent events?

There are many who believe that these elemental spirits live within our OWN natures, just as surely as we experience their nature – by reflection of our own internal traumas – in the environment around us.

Maybe we would do well to think about that?