Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra, located just above the centre point between the eyebrows.

It spins extremely fast, and is associated with the colour Indigo.

It is the centre of visual, psychic and intuitive perception, and its’ attributes are clairvoyance, memory, dreams and vision.

So we are now in the realms of the intangible.


A dream is not something we can actually touch, but by holding on to it, and by building it into a strong picture in our mind, we are taking the first step towards making that dream a reality.  This visualisation process, when combined with the creativity of the Sacral Chakra, the Will of the Solar Plexus and the balance and love of the Heart Chakra, and then expressed at the Throat Chakra, can be an excellent exercise for the Third Eye Chakra.

As this Chakra rules the eyes and pineal gland, when it is not in balance, we can experience eye problems, headaches and nightmares, or in extreme cases, hallucinations or blindness.

To clear this Chakra, we need to maintain the innocence of a child by getting away from the cynical approach of seeing what we expect to see, and start to see and experience everything as if it were for the first time.

By Ruth McGregor