Spirit: Soul: Personality: Body (& Tree of Life)

Welcome to this introduction to Spirit: Soul: Personality: Body (& Tree of Life).

The Tree of Life is an all encompassing image.

In very basic terms, it is one map that can be used to help us understand a multitude of complex questions.

Firstly, it gives us a constructive picture of the different ‘parts’ of:

Ourselves  (Personal Tree)
Humanity  (Human Tree)
The Universe  (Cosmic Tree)

and shows us how all these things work together.


There are many other areas it can be used to describe, but in the initial stages it helps to begin with personal understanding.

This page will be looking at our Personal Tree.

Who are you?

All of us are very aware of our physical bodies, and there is no doubt that each of us has a personality that governs the way we behave in life.

Indeed, we sometimes get so caught up in the events of our everyday circumstances, such as how we ‘look’, and what we are ‘thinking and feeling’, that we can be excused for believing that this is all there is.

However, there is so much more to us than that!

We are Spiritual Beings

(each one of us is a Divine Spark of the Creative Fire)

But in order for this Brilliant Light to be able to manifest in the immense density of our earthly world, our Spirit is housed in a series of ‘bodies’ or ‘vehicles’:  the soul, the personality and the physical body.  It is easier to see these areas if we place them on the Tree of Life – see diagram.

Each Circle is called a Sephirah (plural is Sephiroth).  The lines that join them are called ‘Paths’.

Generally, most of us are only really aware of the circle (sephirah) number 10, which relates just to our physical body.

So just by looking at the different pictures you can see how much more there is to know about ourselves and who we really are.

The Personal Tree

Spirit  /  Energy

Our Spirit is the Essence of ourselves.  It is pure energy, and represents our Spiritual Will or urgency to manifest, and to Love and nurture that creation.

Soul  /  Mental

Our Soul is the ‘vehicle’ for the Spirit.  It expresses our moral values through our Ideals, Conscience, and Intuition.

Personality  /  Emotional

Our Personality is the ‘vehicle’ for both Spirit and Soul.  It is governed by our Feelings, Thoughts, and Subconscious reactions.

Body  /  Physical

Our Physical Body is extremely dense, and houses our Spirit, Soul and Personality.  Thus the light of our Spiritual Energy manifests on earth and shines from within.  In our body the Brain represents our Spiritual level, the Heart our Soul, and the Navel our Personality.

The Chakras on The Tree of Life

If we stand, or sit, with our back to the Tree of Life, we can see that it fits perfectly across our physical bodies, including the central line of our chakras.

In the Lotus position, the Base Chakra aligns with the feet.  The 3rd Eye is situated in the middle of the Sephiroth (circles 2 and 3) in the Red Triangle.

On the Tree of Life, the Heart Chakra aligns with the upper section of Sephirah No 6, and the Solar Plexus is aligned with the lower section.

The Throat Chakra is sometimes shown by a dotted or grey circle, and aligns with Daath.

This is what is known as a ‘hidden Sephirah’.

(For more information about the Chakras see our Chakra Section).

The Mirror Image

What is ‘within’, also reflects ‘outwards’ – hence our physical body is also surrounded by an energy field that emanates from each of the various ‘vehicles’ (or bodies), and is known as The Aura.  The Aura can be seen by those with Clairvoyant sight.  It can appear in various colours according to the health and general outlook of the person at the time.

So you see, it is not really important how we look physically, but it is very important how we are inside, for this reflects out into our everyday lives, and makes the difference between a shallow, closed individual, or one who radiates their Spiritual warmth to those around.

Children of the Divine

All of us have a Spiritual entity that – as a Divine Spark and Child of the One Creator – is perfect.  And that Spirit seeks to manifest down the planes in order to gain experience in the density of other levels of existence.


Just as our own children on earth are born innocent, but gain wisdom through experience, so our Divine Spark is born perfect but enhances and matures that perfection through experience.

Its purpose is to return to the Creator as a perfectly rounded specimen of “Itself” – an extension of the Creator, but also a Supreme Being in its own right – just as our own children are an extension of ourselves, but grow up into adults in their own right.

In order to do this the Divine Spark moulds a ‘vehicle’ or ‘body’ which is dense enough to allow entrance to the next lower plane – this is called the Soul.

It is the Soul that then moulds the Personality (from the denser plane below) and in the same way, the Personality moulds the Physical Body – thus enabling the Spirit to finally manifest on the most dense of planes.

In a sense we could say that:

Our Spirit is the ‘child’ of The Creator
Our Soul is the ‘child’ of our Spirit
Our Personality is the ‘child’ of our Soul
Our Body is the Temple that houses these ‘children’ of Light

The Divine Spark may be perfect but, as it begins its journey, it has to mould an effective Soul Body for the experience needed.  A new Soul in turn has to learn how to mould the Personality.  The increased density of each lower plane, therefore, tends to bring about distortions of the original perfection, so the ‘bodies’ that house the Spirit are not necessarily perfect.

And it is believed by many that perfection on all levels can only come after many physical incarnations – each one improving and refining the soul, which in turn moulds a more worthy personality for the experience needed in the lives that follow.

Those who allow their subconscious reactions, malicious thoughts, or selfish feelings to dominate their lives, are expressing personality distortions that are damaging to progress.  And those who have bigoted ideals, lack of moral conscience, or false pride, are indicating dangerous blockages to the development of the soul.

In very basic terms souls can be divided into 2 catagories:

Old or young souls – which are determined according to the amount of experience they have had.

Low grade or high grade souls – which are assessed according to the way they have used experience to the benefit or detriment of themselves and others.

The Earthly Temple

One of the most dangerous things to assume, however, is that those born with a weak or injured physical body are an example of such distortions, although it is true that some sickness stems from emotional difficulties.

Nevertheless, the physical body is just a ‘vehicle’ or ‘temple’ in which the other ‘bodies’ gain experience, and some of the greatest learning and strengthening of the soul can be brought about by physical disablement.

So it is often by ‘design’ not a mistake that the earthly body is formed in such a way.

Those with impairment can develop extraordinary inner senses that the ‘average’ person does not use, and often their attitude to life can leave many a more robust individual cowering in the shade.

The damaging factors to Spiritual growth are brought about by the vices of Soul and/or Personality, and both of these bring about negative karma.

We all make mistakes, but we are supposed to learn from them, and the circumstances of our present life are just a reflection of what we need to understand on this most dense of planes. (see Karmic Section).

So however ‘good looking’ or ‘plain’ we may consider ourselves or others to be, the challenge to overcome these vices, and allow the real beauty of our ‘Inner Light’ to shine, is absolutely equal for us all.

It is an exciting adventure of trial and error, realisation and achievement, that leads us ever onwards on our journey through the stars.

And whoever we are – and whatever we look like, feel, or believe – we are all still the Sacred Children of The Divine, and perhaps the greatest guidance we will ever find in life is by making the effort to remember?

We hoped you enjoyed this introduction to Spirit: Soul: Personality: Body (& Tree of Life).

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