The M/C – Face of the Ego

The Midhaven or M/C is the ‘face’ of the Ego.

It is the Sign that is highest in the heavens at the moment of birth.

In Astrology this represents:-

1. The way we like to think of ourselves.

2. The image we consciously project, in order to enhance our reputation.

3. The central point of our Ego and our pride.

If the Ascendant represents the dawn and beginning of life to Astrologers, so the M/C is the highest point of the sun at midday and, by comparison, the strongest point in the life of the individual.

The Sun, in its position around noon, looks to us as if it is at its most powerful. However, it never loses its strength at any time. It is just that we see it that way. It has no less power at midnight than at midday but, when it is at its height from our viewpoint, it gives us the most warmth.

One of the most essential needs of the personality is to be recognised. How we ‘appear’ to others, so they will accept us, is a necessary requirement for most people, and therefore a good reputation is important.

The M/C is in fact another mask we wear, but not all the time. We carry it about with us, but only bring it out when we want to make ourselves look good; when seeking recognition, or to protect us from embarrassment when our pride is hurt.

The strongest point of the conscious mind is the idea of ‘self’ and the fact of our own existence. This is known as the centre of our Ego, or our own ‘self image’. However, as we all know, this ‘self image’ may not be what we actually are like, but more how we like to think we appear to others.

The Sign of M/C is not the ‘impression’ we automatically give to others on first meeting – as in the Ascending Sign – but the way we like to think we appear, which makes us feel we have greater control over our lives, and secures our reputation.

It is the way we behave to enhance our self worth or to protect our pride, and is normally only pulled out of the hat when we feel threatened or are trying to make ourselves look good to others.

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