The Descendant

The Descendant is the face we allow ourselves to show to close friends.

It is the sign that is setting in the West at the moment of our birth.



In Astrology this represents:-

1. Our approach when closely linked with others, either in friendship, partnership or in marriage.

2. The way we learn through mixing with other people in a closer sense, thus learning to allow others to see more of the person we really are.

When the Sun sets at dusk in the West, it heralds the close of the day. It is the time when the Moon is seen to begin its long nightly trek across the sky. The Sun, however, still continues on its circular path. It is just that we cannot see it because it is travelling the other side of the Earth.

The evening is the period of reflection over the events of the day. During our remaining waking hours we need to consciously take account of our experiences, and assess what effect our relationship with others has had upon ourselves. This is necessary in order that we may set standards to enable future growth.

Dusk is the time of the rising Moon, which is a reflection of the light of the Sun. The Descendant therefore can be likened to our own reflection on life, and how this shows in the way we respond to, and learn from those close to us. No person can live as an island, and maybe our friends and lovers can see us more objectively than we can see ourselves.

The ‘Outward personality’  (Sign on the Ascendant), and the Ego (Sign on the M/C), cannot develop without close contact with others around us.  And how we are attracted to, and reflect others on a closer level indicates yet another impression or mask that we use at certain times in life.

However, unlike the Ascendant which is more of a facade, the Descendant shows something more of the real person inside – rather like looking into a mirror of possibilities.

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