The 4 points of the Compass

When we normally talk of the 4 points of the compass, we think of them as North, South, East and West.   This description is known as the ‘Cross of Matter’ and is particularly associated with our existence in earthly conditions.

However, if we are to follow the natural path of the Sun during one day – it rises at dawn in the east; travels south, and sets in the west.  At night it passes the northern point, and rises again in the east the following day.

The 4 points of the compass therefore represent the 4 major aspects of the day:

Dawn, Midday, Dusk and Midnight

And these same 4 points – when related to the horoscope – represent 4 important aspects of the personality.

They are known as:

The Ascendant – the ‘first impression’ we give to others

M/C  – our Ego or ‘self image’

Descendant – our relationships in a closer sense

I/C – the most vulnerable part of ourselves

(M/C is short for Midhaven and I/C is short for Imum Coeli – the highest and lowest points – which may be interesting or utterly boring!)

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