The I.C – Hidden Face of Ourselves

The I.C is the hidden face of ourselves.

It is the sign in the farthest point in the North at the moment of our birth.



In Astrology the I.C represents:-

1. The most vulnerable and hidden part of ourselves which is rarely, if ever, revealed.

2. The centre of the subconscious mind.

During the night, the Sun continues on its path, although its light is hidden behind the Earth. The darkest point, from our perspective, is at midnight.

During our sleeping moments our subconscious takes control of the conscious mind, and dreams become the reflection of the day’s events. However, when we sleep, our life doesn’t stop, no more than the Sun stops moving at night. It just continues in the shadow of the silent secret world of our inner selves.

It is in this way that we continuously sift through and absorb experiences which will be of value in the light of a new day. However, it is done in a deeply subjective state, for the mind is turned ‘inwards’ and to the very roots of our needs.

The M/C is the centre of our conscious mind; the way we like to think of ourselves and the image or mask we actively project. The I/C however is completely opposite, for it is the secret, obscure part of ourselves that is rarely, if ever, revealed – even to ourselves.

In fact the I/C is not really a mask as all, but it is “masked” by our outer selves, and the Ascendant and M/C make a very good job of hiding it.

The I/C is known by Astrologers as representing the centre of the subconscious mind. It is the part that is extremely vulnerable inside us; the most secret and sensitive, and – like the Sun would appear to us at midnight – dark and hidden.

The I/C is sadly so often under rated, for much attention is normally placed on other aspects of the chart. However, although it may not leave a vivid impression to the outside world, it is extremely personal to the individual; felt at the core of their being, and is often the root of our personal motivations that we have never been quite able to understand.

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