The 10 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life

The 10 sephiroth of the Tree of Life provide different insights to help in our everyday life.

Malkuth is the Kingdom of the Physical World and everything that we can perceive through the senses has its roots here. The Elemental Kingdoms – fire, water, earth and air – come from a different world but the combination of their energies manifest in Malkuth and make up the Earth.


The sphere of Yesod is situated directly above Malkuth on the Tree of Life and astrologically aligns with the Moon. Yesod focuses on the Power of the Subconscious Mind and Emotional Stability. Yesod also links us to the Astral Worlds and Spirit Guides.

The sephirah Hod brings our attention to becoming more consciously aware of the sort of images we build in the mind. So what begins as a vague idea finally ends up as a physical manifestation – according to how we have perceived it.


Netzach deals with Unconditional Love, Feelings and Relationships. The challenge provided by this sphere is to love others without being motivated by personal gain.  Netzach is also known as the last stronghold of the personality and acts as a springboard to the upper part of the Tree.


In guided meditation a golden stairway leads us to the portal of Tiphareth Temple situated in the heart of the Tree of Life.  It is here that we enter into a contract of marriage with our Soul, where heart aligns with heart, mind with mind, and we look out from our bodies and see with the Eyes of the Soul.

Geburah is known as the sephirah of Severity, Might and Reality.  It is here that we feel the force of the Will of the Soul, and are challenged to confront our karma – accumulated over many lifetimes – that is hindering our progress in this life.


Obedience is the virtue of Chesed – this is obedience to the Will of the Soul.   Chesed reveals to us the Picture of Life – it is like a giant jigsaw waiting to be put together.  If we can put together the pieces that show our own life then we may also begin to see the bigger all-encompassing spiritual picture.


In a guided meditation we meet the Hermit on the mountain who gives us the keys that will open the doorway to the Temple of Chesed.  In recognition of our efforts we are told that we have earned the right to a gift of good karma – a gift that we may take back with us to our physical world – for this stage represents a celebration – anything that we desire will be given to us, all we have to do is see and take it.

Binah aligns with the Universal Law of Polarity – the two sides of the coin – therefore there are two great Mother figures: Aima, the bright fertile Mother of Creation, and Ama the dark sterile Mother.  We would meditate in the Temple of Binah to restore a loss of Faith, and to release ourselves from problems connected to responsibility.

The sephirah Chokmah is known as Wisdom and represents the Spiritual Father.  It is associated with Spiritual Truth and the astrological planet Uranus.  Uranus is the Awakener.  Chokmah wakes up the senses and helps us to connect with the force of our creative power, and earth it.


Chokmah represents perfect Spiritual Direction and Divine Wisdom. Divine Wisdom is to understand and know all there is to know about the Universe.  By exploring the workings of the universe and observing the larger zodiac cycle we may get closer to understanding the reasoning and Wisdom of the Ancients – those who walked this path before us.

The Soul Function Workbook can be used in conjunction with Chokmah and Tree of Life generally. Everyone has a Soul name, function and motto.  As we advance spiritually we have the opportunity to begin to recognise our own unique abilities and discover how to direct our creative power to its best effect in the service of mankind.

The Spiritual Experience of Kether is Reunion with the Source.  Kether cannot be perceived or described through the senses – its quality is intangible.  Each sephirah on the Tree of Life represents a different face of the Almighty Creator – the face that Kether represents is the Mask, the Mask that keeps hidden from view all that exists behind it.

Kether helps us to see through the veil of our Earthly Perceptions.

Between them the 10 sephiroth of the Tree of Life help to improve the quality of life.

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