Something for Everyone with the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is such a versatile spiritual tool and guide there is simply something for everyone to explore and learn about.

Something for Everyone with Qabalah

It doesn’t align itself with any particular religion or faith and yet, at the same time, encompasses all aspects of spirituality and recognises the worth in all traditions and beliefs which is why it is so easy to find something for everyone to enjoy and relate to.

The Tree of Life corresponds with angels, archangels, colours, astrology, tarot and much more.

The Tree of Life is more of a psychological tool and guide that helps to open our eyes and hearts to the bigger spiritual picture that we all play a part in. Everyone represents a piece of the jigsaw of life. Everyone has a role and function to perform this lifetime – it is wheels within wheel, cogs within cogs. No function is greater or lesser than any other – they are all vital in helping humanity evolve, and understand, the essence of creation.

Although these teachings are ancient they are actually timeless and very easy to relate to daily living.  So, whatever is happening in our day to day life the Tree of Life can offer insights to help us in a down to earth and practical way.

For more information on discovering how to live the life that is right for you take a look at our series of workbooks.  Each workbook focuses on a different aspect of life and provides insights into raising spiritual awareness and how to overcome everyday challenges.

Getting started with Qabalah – exploring Malkuth, the Kingdom – learn about the 4 worlds, Elemental Kingdoms and Spirits of Nature.

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