Partner  ‘I Love’

Libra is the first of the signs to begin to step away from the idea of ‘self’ and starts to feel the need to cultivate a much closer interaction with others.

The experience of youth is crucial to this change for, with a happy childhood, they would have learned the fundimentals of caring and sharing, and now find the freedom to express themselves more fully.

And so it is time to make the necessary adjustments to meet the challenge of another season.

This phase of experience relates to the period of life when a young person reaches out for contact with others on a very personal basis.  Outwardly they seek the one special partner, who will be willing to share all their joys and heartaches, and with whom they can really unite in love.

However, inwardly, and possibly without even realising it, they are seriously searching for the ‘other half’ or compliment of their own nature which, together with themselves, will create the balance and harmony needed to formulate the basis of a family of their own.

Those who need partnerships find their life is unrewarding without close relationships and love, whether it be that of friendship or that of romance. Although they may argue the point, they find some difficulty in living entirely alone, for their phase of existence forces them to search for close interaction, which invariably means living with another, and finding their own security and balance through working together as a unit.

The Planet that governs this sign is Venus, and the element associated is Air. The combination of these two forces makes this sign far from the dreamy romantic that the Venus association may lead us to believe.  It is often said that they wear their heart on their sleeve and, indeed, they search for harmony and beauty much like the Taurus nature, yet they do not have the same inner contentment, but a certain mental restlessness that is hard to contain.

The element Air causes them to put reasoning and intelligent communication as a priority requisite for love, and this means inter-connection, co-operation, and tactful consideration of another’s needs as well as their own.  This can create some conflict, for they are forever trying to find the balance between themselves and others, between their thoughts and feelings, between their head and their heart – in fact between everything, and their sense of absolute fairness overshadows every aspect of their life.

The Cancer phase learns how to feel, the Leo phase plays at love, but the Libra time of partnership earnestly seeks, expresses, and shares that love with another.

The symbol of Libra is the Scales.  It is linked with the need for balance. Weighing up both sides of the question.  A time to find the opposing factor and re-adjust the scales in order to attain the perfection and harmony that is searched for in Virgo.

Again this is a critical time, for the weight of the feather of truth can cause the fractional difference that can disrupt the harmony.  The tenuous balance of the scales depends on this, and one of the difficulties of Libra can be when they are thwarted in this need.

This is the attitude of mind of the pure Libra person. They are often beautiful people with a loving and caring disposition yet, of all the signs they live on the most precarious mental balance which is portrayed in their symbol, yet little understood even by themselves.

Disharmony to them is inability to reconcile the difference in polarities, or to see the beauty amongst ugliness, and particularly when they find themselves unable to relate to others in a closer sense.

They intensely dislike animosity of any sort and have been known to suffer from severe bouts of depression when isolated from others, or caught in an atmosphere of anger and resentment.

Because of this, it is difficult to get them to takes sides in a dispute, for they have a profound capability of seeing both sides of the argument, which leads them into confusion and much indecision. It has been thought that they would do anything for a quiet life, for by nature they are far from confrontational.

There are certain times, however, when their patience becomes exhausted, and they are prone to say ‘I don’t want to fight, but you make me‘.

If they are faced with opposition where truth and justice are obviously at stake, they can react surprisingly fiercely in order to clear the ground and redress the balance that they spend their lives trying to attain.

They are bringers of peace not war, for they hate bad news, and would do almost anything to avoid blood on their hands, but they are the supreme advocators of justice and fairness and, if necessary, will use their communication skills to fight for this principle with the logic and sharpness of tongue that can leave others devoid of response.

This is a sign that at all times feels the need to have something to keep their mind occupied.  They are mental go-getters; upholders of justice, and have an urgent need to find the balance in any conflict.  This helps them to work extremely well in partnership careers, and draws them towards the many aspects of law, mediation, counselling and psychology .

They have been accused of laziness, but this only comes from their desire to live with beauty and not to ‘rock the boat’.  The other side of them is the musician, artist, interior designer, or anything to do with love and beauty as its keynote.

The frustration of Libra lies in the fact that perfect harmony can never be regarded as permanent, for change is the process of nature, and the search for the ideal partner can be pitted with fallen experiences as they try to hold an equilibrium which is forever illusive, and threatens to bring discord into their lives .

The element Air associated with Libra can be likened to the swift changeable wind that shakes the leaves from the trees; a time when the smell of autumn fills the air, and the days and nights become equal in length.

This period of life is the first month of autumn. The long summer days have passed and the leaves turn red-gold in beauty as a prelude to the coming winter.

As autumn begins to settle, Libra turns to face the breaking down of the old conditions of ‘self’ and valiantly struggles to hold the balance between the memory of a rich and vibrant youth, and the more adult beauty of a later season.

As the heart shaped leaves fall and dance in the autumn winds, so the heart of the Libra soul falls for love and dances to the tune of a greater romance.

They are the gentle mediators and balancers between one generation and the next, and represent the eternal whisper of harmony that rustles through the ever changing leaves of our lives . Thus Libra seeks to find the perfect unity of polarities, without which creation could not occur, and we would not exist.