The Element Air

Air is thought

It is movement, contact, communication, and the stirrings of the mind.

It is the flexibility of action – the quick, alert, sparkling and new.

It reaches out and upward, down and inwards.  It is buoyant, bending, yielding to the mood, yet strong and persistent.

Air is spring, the innocence and vibrancy of the beginning of a new season, the budding of the leaves from the seeds of the mind, and the faith in oneself, and belief in ones’ own destiny.

It touches the colour of the Sun, and catches the thought of life.  It is the breath of the living.

If we could see it, it would be Yellow

Air is the child of Wisdom, new to life, wide-eyed, expectant and rushing headlong into the light.  It blusters, it blows, it dances, it teases, it searches, it questions, and develops and breathes. It strives to learn and find out.  It can rage, howl and torment.

It is the soft touch of insight- the cool spring breeze of reason, dancing in our hair as we walk in the valley of discovery.  It has the innocence of lambs gambling on the hillside, and the sudden burst of light over the darkness of the horizon.

Air is the Sword of our protection, a valiant challenger to the voice of emotion and desire.  It grows, and in growing gives birth again and again, darting, sweeping, rippling the waters, billowing the trees of the earth and fanning the hearth fire into flames anew.

It too can ride on the storm of its own undoing.  Blow dust in the face of stability, turn embers into a raging inferno and lash the boulders of the sea, white with spray from the howling gale of a bitter east wind – reason run riot.

Air is an idea, an objective thought, a flash of inspiration and inventiveness.  It is the brilliance of genius, or the restless agony of a mind in torment.  It is the birth of communication, that lies in the east where faith and the day begin.

Air is the dawning of consciousness through the mists of innocence, and herald to the Intelligence of the Spirit as it breathes upon the earth.

Air within us

Have you ever been chased by the leaves in the autumn, and laughed as they skipped around your feet?  Or thrown your head back into the wind whilst walking in the wild open spaces of the countryside?

Air is to do with our thought and our reason, and to express it we need to communicate, just as a breeze dances in our hair, light bright and easy.

As an element, it is almost totally uncontainable for we cannot see it.  It is not solid like Earth, or burning like Fire, or fluid like Water.

If we try to catch it, we get a handful of nothing, just as if we try to catch a thought, it can slip from our grasp.  Thoughts and words don’t belong to us, no more than Air is ours to control.  We have probably all experienced the feeling of the mind going “blank”, or being “lost for words”.

We often talk of going out in the fresh air to “blow away the cobwebs” but how many of us have taken the time to study the wind and its’ action, and then compared it to ourselves?

Liken the process of communication to the element Air, and see how the contact is refreshing and light, continually moving and changeable.

Air is beholden to none of the other elements, for it is master of its’ own destiny, yet when held for a while in pockets of water or earth, it can grow heavy and oppressive through lack of movement.  Air was born to be free, just as our minds should be kept clear and agile, not clouded by emotion, or prejudice.

Too much stability can deaden alertness and originality, yet too many questions can blind us to the simplicity of commonsense.

Compare the wind in the different seasons of the year, from the lightness of a spring breeze to the freezing winds of midwinter, and see how they can affect the other elements, and you and your nature.

How do you use your thoughts?

Or do your thoughts use you, by dominating your life?

Why not start keeping a diary of what you perceive about yourself, and start finding out who you really are.

When you lose your way…..

Walk out into the wind.  Feel it billowing in your hair.  It is fresh and cool.  Breathe deeply, and realise the peace that can be attained by allowing your thoughts to flow free.

Nobody has the power to control these thoughts except you.

Air is about freedom and true peace of mind.

It is about faith in yourself and belief in this great universe that has given you life.

It is about truth – and above all, the truth that is you.