Teenager  ‘I Live’

It is not by accident that Leo is known as the Actor, for they are linked with the time of life where they begin to find their feet and look out at the world as one big playground especially designed for them.

They are on the stage for a performance.


The world to them is the mirror image of what they can be, and to this end they saunter through life acting out any role that suits their purpose.

This is the time of the Teenager, when a child moves through adolescence into adulthood.  They are full of hope and enthusiasm for the future and, if undamaged in earlier years, look on themselves as the benefactor and the captain of the world.

There is a great sense of playful arrogance at this age, for there is little awareness of responsibility – just love – love of fun, play acting, laughter and joy of living.  The excitement of sexual attraction begins to shine in their eyes and, through their immature experience they look on romance as a game with them as the star role.  It is a game that needs to be played and preferably won, and sad and dramatic indeed is the teenager who is rebuffed in their ardour.

They have little concept of the reality of living, for they are still under the protection of their parents.  They are fed, nurtured and loved, but they are beginning to really feel that life is opening up in front of them and, for the moment, are content to act out the role of adulthood, in what they believe is a Utopian world.

Take a moment sometime to watch youngsters of this age, meeting together in groups.  They are often loud, playful and full of enthusiasm, all demanding to be the centre of attention by their noise and boldness.  Pride is everything to them, and they take care, whatever the cost, to retain it.

Life is a game, everything is a challenge to find fun, and everything they do is done for show, for they are living a ‘part’ of extravagance and drama.

They object strongly to authority, for it seemingly thwarts their enjoyment of discovering their own potential.  Indeed, they have little time even for the solemn chastising of their parents, for they have taken life into action and rarely appreciate the responsibility that inevitably goes with age.

Leo is dominated by the powerful rays of the Sun, and linked with the element Fire.  The combination of the two is pure fire – pure life, pure energy, pure existence.

They are powerful, demonstrative, loving, generous, extraordinarily creative, and full of good humour.  Laughter to them is an essential part of existence and, because of this, they rarely succumb to the more natural worries of other signs, for they tend to make fun in the face of adversity.  They believe fervently in their right to enjoy the good things of life, and are extremely friendly and loving when content with their lot.

Like the sun, they can sometimes become overpowering to others if allowed too close, for their very presence demands singular attentiveness, and yet few are not warmed and held by their kind disposition – the sociable royal who surveys their subjects with the love and pride of a benevolent ruler.

However, more than all the signs when damaged by circumstance, they can recede into a shadow of themselves, and can become sadly quiet and unassuming.  To them, their natural function is to live, to love, to laugh, and to lead others out of darkness into a wondrous world of warmth of enjoyment.  It is a sad Leo indeed who is denied that right, and thwarted of this essential need.

The heavy pressures of over restrictive conditions, that allow no room for such potential or creativity, can hang like a heavy cloud over the light of the Leo sun, just as a late frost in spring can leave damaged fruit to ripen upon the vine.

The symbol of Leo is the Lion. The only wild beast of the Zodiac, a predator and King of the beasts.

If you are lucky enough to see lions on a hot Summer’s day, you will notice these magnificent creatures basking and dozing in the sun, content that everyone is aware and respectful of their presence, but lazy and nonchalant if their stomach is full.

A lion only attacks if in need of food, or upset by an alien presence.  But their anger is short lived, and for the rest of the time they bask in the sun, sleepy and content like an overgrown pussy cat.

And so all this symbolises the pure Leo personality; the golden children of the sun; those who are inwardly sure that their function is to eventually lead and inspire a future generation, yet secretly insecure as to how to play out this role.

They are aware of the full flood of light that glows at the foot of the stage, and the attention that must be diverted in their direction if they are to fulfil their task.  And so they act out a role of majesty and generosity for, in their belief that the world is their oyster, they can afford to be benevolent.

Like the lion, they will roar fiercely when hungry for something they have been denied, or their pride hurt by the insensitive behavior of others.

The teenager too will fight with hot anger when their position is at stake, but Leo rarely if ever holds a grudge. They have no time for such intensity, and just turn their back on the offender, preening themselves like a cat in a nonchalant way, whilst all the while watching to ensure they are being noticed, before returning once again to the warmth and affection of those they love.

Those blessed with the sign of Leo are rich and warm in love and human sympathy, yet a certain arrogance can sometimes emerge from the steady power of the sun, and their indisputable belief in their rights as royalty of the zodiac.

They are born leaders, humane and caring, and normally found at the centre of anything that requires creative imagination and social company.  They make excellent actors, fairground organisers, pub owners, market traders, circus artists, and nursery teachers, and often gravitate towards the Pleasure and Film industries, or anywhere where there is potential for stardom, however small.

It is quite common for them to make hobbies into a career, and really they are more suited to running their own businesses than coming under the dominion of others.  They don’t like authority, because they feel that they are authority.  They are enthusiastic, but can lack momentum unless they really love their job or find themselves with their back to the wall, for life to them is for living, not the hard grind of dogged unrewarding work.

The element Fire associated with Leo can be likened to the steady flame of the hearth fire.  It lacks the blistering momentum of the spark of Aries, yet remains fixed and contained as the flickering heartbeat of life, attracting others to its warmth in the darkest of days.

The time of this sign is the height of the Summer, when the vibrance of the quilted fields shimmers in the heat of the countryside, and the fruits hang heavy on the bushes and trees.

Nothing can ripen without the warmth of the sun, and a summer without this Spiritual light means a poor harvest, and lack of sustenance throughout the long winter hours.

Liken Leo to the glow of these lazy, hazy days for, just as the steady beat of the Sun causes people to gather round and bask in its power, so the one that is Leo waits for their audience to linger before them, warming themselves by the welcome heat of the steady flame in their heart.

These people are the vibrant gems of a noble future; the Singers with the Song of Creation in their souls; abundant in bounty, and a reflection to all of the wonder of existence and the magic of life.