Cutting Across Karma

When can helping others ever be a negative act?

It seems ridiculous to suggest that being there, and offering support to others could ever be anything other than helpful.

However, trying to make things ‘right’ for others all the time may literally be denying them the opportunity to help themselves.

Everyone needs support and help from time to time. No-one is invincible. A helping hand, a point in the right direction, some comforting words …… these are all things we need at different times, and stages, in our life. 

But ….. if we continually step in and take on board other people’s challenges and constantly try to make things right for them, there is a danger we could be cutting across their karma and may even be adding to our own *karmic debt. 

More on *karma can be found here.

Think about it. We progress through life through trial and error. Making mistakes is par for the course. We learn from our mistakes and, through perseverance, find other ways that work better for us. Each incarnation gives us a fresh opportunity to try again and address the experiences in life where the choices and decisions we previously made prolonged pain, and held back our spiritual growth. 

Could it be, perhaps, that the person or people we are constantly trying to help are actually providing some life lessons for us? We are all each other’s teacher. We all learn from one another whether we are consciously aware of this or not. Maybe part of our challenge is to know when to act and when to remain silent. When to let others work things out for themselves, and take the reins of their life without interference. 

The Tree of Life and practical Qabalah help to guide us through life’s challenges and to see beyond appearances. The teachings have a wonderful way of turning things on their head and getting us to view life from a different angle, and to think outside of the box.

Click here to find out how to get started with this ancient wisdom and find better ways to improve your life, and help others to do the same. 

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