The Element Fire

Fire is desire

It is enthusiastic, warming, and the spark of life.

It is passionate, emotional, untamed, the most powerful of energy forces, for it represents the force of the Spirit.

It is a flame that flickers, or a blaze that destroys.   It glows in the Sun.  It dances in the hearth, attracts the eye, and desire.  It colours the blood.  It is the pulse of our being.

Fire is red  

It is the warmth that moves with delight upon the earth; the zest for living, the light by which we see.  Dynamic, moving, full of spark, darting, vital, brilliant in its urgency.

Fire is active, it rises up.  It is the life principle.  Its’ essence is alive, warming, compelling, exciting, propelled by enthusiasm.

It loves with the passion of youth.

Summer is Fire – the silent but penetrating heartbeat of creation.  It is life at its’ height.

Noon is fire, when the Sun burns at its strongest.  It is standing with arms outstretched to the giver of life, light and warmth flooding down – a thanksgiving to the joy, happiness and wonder of youth.

Fire is the Staff of our birth.  It is the boldness and rashness of the young. It is the bounce of wild delight, the boisterousness of excitement.

It is our hope, our goal, our desire, our energy and urgency for the future.

It lives. It is!

Fire lies molten in the centre of the earth, yet it has the power to break through the crust.  It is our uncontained impulse, our heat, our fever, our passion for loving or hating.

Air fans its flames, but it needs earth to contain it.  Water alone can put it out.

Fire cannot build, yet it is the essence of ‘being’.  It cannot absorb, yet by itself, draws others to its’ warmth.  It gives life, but can destroy the life it gives.  It is fiercely protective, yet needs protection from itself.

Fire is the Father of Hope and the desire of the Spirit.

It is the living force.

We are Fire.  We are divine with our spark of life.

We live!

Fire within us

If we really want to understand the elements, we need to take time out to study them and try to relate their behaviour to what is going on within us.  For instance there is a great difference between the flame of the hearth as opposed to a forest fire.  One is warming and welcoming, and the other can be devastating in its destruction.

Do you know what makes a flame continue to burn?

Light a candle and watch the flame flicker in the breeze. It can be snuffed out easily by a fierce wind or a complete vacuum – but a candle flame is only small.

From this we understand that it needs air to sustain it, but not a howling gale.

Air means thought and reason, and Fire means desire.  What do we get from this?  The enthusiasm in our nature needs to be sustained by constant communication and rapport, but too much reason and logic can kill our desire if it is not strong enough in the first place, just as a strong wind can blow out a fragile flame!

How many times have you been excited about something and then ‘reasoned’ out of it in the end?  Many times however, rapport with others can bring the flames to life, and then we need to watch that it doesn’t get out of hand!

Emotional upsets are perhaps the most dangerous things, for they can completely swamp our hopes and desires, in just the same way as Water can put out Fire.

Study all the levels of Fire, from the initial spark to the powerful flares on the surface of the Sun, and see all the different ways it can behave, either alone or when associated with the other elements.

Then compare this with your own nature, and see if you can relate to this within yourself or other people.

There should be some interesting results!

When you have lost your way…..

Walk out into the sun.  Feel its’ radiance on your face.  Or sit by the hearth fire and watch its’ glow cast dancing shadows in the room around you.  It is comforting and warm.

Absorb it’s warmth into yourself and realise the happiness that can be attained by allowing yourself the freedom to go after your most secret wishes.

You are the only one who can fulfill your desires.  Nobody else can do this for you.

Fire is about energy and enthusiasm, the vitality of life.

It is about humour and passion, and finding the courage to stand up for your convictions.

It is about hope, and above all hope for the future.