Your beliefs do matter

“The journey of spiritual growth requires courage, initiative and independence of thought and action. While the words of the prophets and the assistance of grace are available, the journey must still be travelled alone” – M. Scott Peck

Our Spirituality is not always dependant on what religion we follow, but in how generously we give of ourselves, and inspire the world.

 Faith and Hope

Life is an adventure – of hidden horizons and mystical experiences.

It is full of excitement and hope; beauty and glory, and there are so many wonderful things we can achieve if we just have the faith to believe that it is possible.

When we are born we embark on a Sacred Journey, with the world as the playground of our education.  And as we walk through life, we meet many great teachers along the way – be they a friend, a stranger, a parent, or even a child – and often these teachings are found in the most commonplace of situations.

These ordinary everyday experiences, and all the different opinions, colours and creeds help to make up the ‘Vision of humanity’.  Every single individual is part of this Vision and, provided our beliefs are not born from ignorance and bigotry, there is no ideal that is better or worse than any other.

Faith and Hope

FAITH and HOPE are two of the great lights in our life, and to symbolise this perhaps we can find the time to light a candle for mutual interest and genuine understanding between our nations, especially towards the different ideals that make up our world.

When we are young, we are full of hope for the future and, particularly in darker times, we need to nurture that hope.  We all have ideals and aspirations, and most of us perform better when we feel we have a purpose in life.

We don’t need to be dominated by it, but it is good to have a Vision of the future – whether it is just associated with today or years to come.  So maybe now is the time to make definite plans, and start activating towards the goals you have, but above all to believe that you are capable of bringing them into fruition.

When we really want something, we develop a silent passion to achieve it, and no hurdle or setback can disturb our determination.

It is very simple

All we need to do is to set just a few ‘small stepping stones’ into place; to action where is necessary – but without distress – and to realise that, no matter what happens or what appears to stand in our way, there is perfect order and timing in nature, and everything can be achieved without having to argue with the natural cycle of events.

Throughout life we inspire others and are inspired by them.  But we are also capable of inspiring ourselves, and not losing sight of our goals through loss of belief in the abundant generosity of creation, and our worthiness to receive its gifts

Gandhi once said that “WE have to be the change we want to see in the world“, but without real faith in the potential of life and hope for the future, we can lose sight of this objective.

Humanity interprets their Holy Books in many ways.  There are some who stick rigidly to letter of the ‘Word’, and others who take a much broader approach. Indeed there are some who have no religious orientation at all, yet still live a life that would put many a ‘believer’ to shame.

The key it seems is not in what we ‘profess’ to be, but in how we actually ‘are’ when confronted with the reality of living up to our ideals.  And there is the test, for these ideals are sometimes governed by our upbringing, and not necessarily by what we intuitively know to be right.

We are all teachers by example, for what we believe in, and how we live out our ideals, has a direct affect on the minds and souls of all those we meet.

You are who you are, and being proud of your ancestry, culture and religion may be part of who you are, but it is not kind to invade others with our beliefs, whilst negating them from their own.  It is not possible to inspire one faith by trying to destroy another, and those who do are sadly unaware of the potential destruction of their own spirituality.

We are all on a Spiritual Quest of discovery – of ourselves, our neighbours and our world – and whether religious or not, our Faith reflects in our passion for life, and our Hope is the light of that Faith on the horizon.

The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, among followers, gives not of their wisdom, but rather of their faith and lovingness.

If they are indeed wise, they do not bid you enter the house of their wisdom, but rather lead you to the threshold of your own mind.

For the vision of one person lends not its wings to another.

And even as each one of you stands alone in God’s knowledge, so must each one of you be alone in their knowledge of God and their understanding of the earth.

Kahlil Gibran