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“A picture says more than a thousand words”

The attributes of the Archangels have long since been recognised by human kind, but in order for them to become fully alive, it was the automatic response to build these attributes into images, so that they could be touched and understood by the human mind more easily.

The Angelic Host are recognised as both Archangels and Angels.


The Archangels are the Hierarchy, or the Architects of The Creator’s inspiration, and the Angels help to carry out their work.

Angelic Correspondences

There are many Archangels, but the four most well known are:-

RaphaelMichaelGabriel: and Uriel

They are glorious in their magnitude, and are said to stand at the four corners of the world, representing symbolically the values of Peace, Courage, Love and Strength.

Although portraying an ideal, it is no accident that the description of these Archangels came into being, for the ancients took their inspiration from the 4 points of the compass and, following the path of the sun, they placed:-

Raphael in the East

Michael in the South

Gabriel in the West

Uriel in the North

From that point onwards it was easy to align

East with Dawn,

South with Midday,

West with Dusk,

North with Midnight,

and from there, to build up further correspondences relating to ages, elements, colours and further ideals etc. which helped to create the images as we know them today.

If we care to think carefully, we will find the list of correspondences becomes almost endless, and some can be seen in the following pages which describe the Archangels in more detail.

A journey in imagination

It is in our nature to conjure up images all of the time in our everyday life, and often we do this without even realising it.

Hence, when someone tells us a joke, or a sad story, we create a picture from the words, and it is that picture that makes us laugh or cry.

Building images around the Archangels was therefore a very natural process.

We are told that The 4 Great Archangels can be visualised as brilliant forces of immensity power and light, that surround us whenever we choose to call upon their presence.

They tower higher into the skies than any beacon can shine; radiant in strength and illuminating all darkness.

Each has wings of a thousand feathers, irridescent and quivering with life, and glistening eyes that hold within them the warmth and sparkle of the stars.

They stand in their magnitude, one at each of the four corners of the world, and live as Masters of the elements,

Air:    Fire:    Water:    Earth

When we ask them for protection we can see them as 4 brilliant pillars of force, locked close around us in such a way as to repel all intruders; their massive wings of rainbow colours in expansive spread, each touching the other to form a vast circle of light, through which nothing dangerous can penetrate, and their enchantment lasts from dawn to dusk, and dusk to dawn.

There are those who believe that this particular symbolism and imagery – as described here and on the following pages – is part of the magic of the Old Testament, and its’ origins stem from a time, long before Atlantis.