Archangels – forgotten Memories?

Archangel Gabriel

Note:- This is the story of the 4 great Archangels, and the reasoning behind how they became so important in the mind of humanity. A complete meditation is available for download at the bottom of this page, and is particularly valuable when used for protection.


Ancient man, whilst studying the nature of existence, discovered that the four mighty elements, which governed life, were fundamental to all manifestation.
These elements were:- Air,  Fire,  Water  and  Earth

Understanding themselves as part of manifestation, these ancient people searched for the elements within themselves.

As their thoughts were free moving, and unseen, they likened them to the element Air.

As their desires burned in their breasts, so they likened this to the element Fire.

As tears flowed in response to their feelings, so they likened this to the element Water.

And, as the stability of their bodies, like the planet they lived upon, was the basis of survival, so this then represented the element Earth.

Extending this understanding, it was thus decided that there were four inner requirements for lasting happiness.

They were –

Peace of mind – Thoughts (Air)

Courage of convictions – Desires (Fire)

Love within the heart – Feelings (Water)

Strength of resolve – Stability (Earth)

Just as the four elements are the building bricks of manifestation, so these four great truths became the building bricks of civilisation, and were eventually known as the attributes of:-

Faith, Hope, Charity and Understanding.

We hear of these qualities in Spiritual teachings, but few people really appreciate their meaning, or the history behind them.

In ancient times the wise men of the Aztecs, Shamen, Israelites, Egyptians and many others, including the Massai Tribes of Africa, lived by these beliefs, and throughout the ages pieced together pictorial images which described the four great concepts in a way that all could visualise and understand.

Over aeons of time these images were continuously built by man, and ensouled by spiritual forces, until eventually they became accepted, by all the religions of the world, as archetypes of great power, described by different names, but with the same faces.

In Western tradition the archetypes are known as:-

The ArchangelsRaphael, Mikael, Gabriel, and Uriel

These angelic forces represent respectively :-

Peace through Faith – Raphael.

Courage through Hope – Mikael.

Love through Charity – Gabriel.

Strength through Understanding – Uriel.

And, through the immensity of their Angelic power, these Archangels are deemed capable of manipulating and controlling the mighty energies of the elements.

The energies of the elements were known as the Elemental Kingdoms, around which definite images also evolved to aid understanding. Hence in every folk law we find stories of :-

Sylphs, Salamanders, Undines and Faeriefolk.

As far reaching as this philosophy may seem, it cannot be denied that the human mind is capable of achieving phenomena way beyond scientific understanding. It is on ‘belief’ that religions are built and, with the loss of belief, empires have fallen.

Over thousands of years the images of The Archangels and Elemental Kingdoms have been passed down from generation to generation.

Although originally portraying a force or an idea in the minds of ancient man, so strong is their description that these images – like a hologram – have left their imprint deep in the recesses of all our hearts.

Whatever we may believe, the ‘forces’ of Peace, Courage, Love and Strength are as real as those of War, Fear, Hate and Weakness. The only difference being that one builds unity amongst mankind, and the other destroys it..

Cloud Girl Angel Moon Young

Thus it is the solid belief of many that the Archangels are Masters of the elements and – when ‘consciously’ cultivated within our psyche – form around us a protection so great that no destructive influence is able to penetrate It is also thought by some that, if we forget these Archangels and their Elemental Kingdoms, they will get weaker and weaker, and eventually no longer exist, for their images will fade, and the principles they portray will dwindle and die. Whether we believe they exist or not, it may be interesting to consider if it is worth the risk of denying their importance ….. just in case?

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the Archangels and Forgotten Memories.

A full description of the 4 Archangels and their infinite protection, has been written by Jenni Shell, with accompaning music by Paul French. This is now available for download by using the box below. It can be used to programme a crystal or earth stone, and is invaluable to carry with you in everyday life.