“Wisdom is neither made, created, nor born, but proceeding”

Saturn, the most qualified counsellor, retiring and serious.

She is the aging grandmother and, through her instruction of control and limitation, the Sun was able to mould the key to his own quality and power.

Sacrifice and discipline are two of the most important words in her vocabulary, and she has the continuous and tiring habit of insisting everyone abides by her rules.

Without the light of Saturn within us, we would have no control.

This silent, solemn Reaper of Time, earns the greatest respect from everyone she meets, for her insight is as old as the ancients, and her very dependability a solid foundation from which to grow.

She can be as persistent as the Sun in her determination to make others see things ‘her way’, yet perhaps more resolute in her approach. She has not forgotten that in her own era she was once Queen of the Cosmos and, through the barren branches of her memories, she watches her life’s work shaped through the eye of the Sun, and endeavours to keep it on course.

Saturn, the Great Matriarch, and guide to the earthbound, believing implicitly in the values of living by the tradition of her forefathers, accepting hardship and responsibility as part of everyday life and, to this end, she waits patiently, using ‘time’ as her instrument, slowly wearing others down until she gets her point across.

It is impossible to ignore her, or step out of her reach, for there she remains, exacting and persevering, surveying others with a solemn, woeful expression; pricking their conscience with the authority of age and heaviness of brow, and having no mind to take into account the inexperience of youth.

Yet in many ways this lonely and objective teacher is much maligned and misunderstood. There is solid security in the advice she can give through the voice of experience, for she has learned the hard lessons of life, and knows that there can be no development without control and restriction.

This gentle sage is the backbone of the family, for she has the infinite understanding of the wisest of all.

With subtle humility she seeks to remind others of the underlying beauty in patience, silence and discrimination, and points unremittingly towards the often forgotten quality of finding pleasure in learning to adjust to the frustrations and hazards of earthly life.

Yet, in her dogged way, she can also be seen as the Mother of Compassion, and Parent of Faith, ever ready to use this understanding and dependability to help build a solid foundation from which, through the distinction of time, a stronger future can be sustained and crystallised.

How Saturn affects us

Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system, and therefore it may seem strange that it is classed by astrologers as the planet associated with restriction and denial.

However it is the furthest planet that can be seen clearly by the naked eye, and is surrounded by rings which seem to contain it, thus suggesting the boundaries to our vision as well as our surroundings, and hence ourselves.

The enormous size is said to indicate, like Jupiter, how strongly its force can dominate our nature.

We have boundaries also, which can be likened to our own ‘personal’ saturn.

It is the controlling parent within us, who reminds us of our responsibilities, and seeks to teach us the value of patience and control if we are to achieve any lasting success and happiness.

Saturn in the horoscope is said to represent the ‘moral backbone’ of the person, the light of their conscience, their resolve and strength of character.

Where the contacts with other planets are good, the person shows stability, determination and a strong sense of duty. However, where they are difficult Saturn will tend to become particularly restrictive, weighing down the personality with excessive pressure, an austere, somber attitude, and maybe even a cold, calculating and over controlling nature.

Saturn has a strong affect on other planets, and it is almost impossible to deny its impact for, without it, our world would lack structure and control.

This awesome goddess within us is the polar opposite of the abundant light of Jupiter, yet neither can perform at their best without the aid of the other.

Expansion is an essential part of our growth, but limitations need to be set to prevent the energy from going out of bounds. There can be no opportunity without responsibility, nor any lasting expansion without structure and consolidation.

NOTE:  The ancient myths have always pictured Saturn as a male figure. However the planet, with its rings, is extraordinarily beautiful, and many believe that it more rightfully describes the feminine power, for it reflects the controlling and protective nature of the womb. Whether depicted as male or female, we are told that the same traits apply by description.

On the Tree of Life Saturn is associated with Binah – sephirah of Form and Silent Contemplation  – the colour black and the number 3.

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