Maturity  ‘I hope’

Sagittarius is associated with the phase of life when a person has finally reached the age of maturity and, hopefully, laid out some foundations for a more settled future.

It is likely that there has been a marriage, and possibly children that are well into their school years.

The career, whether at home or in the work place, would have settled into the routine, and possibly monotony, of everyday life.

And yet, after struggling with the requirements of society, and aspiring to deal with the emotional and practical conditions of finding a place in the world, there is often a strange sort of feeling that pervades the adult.  This achievement may not seem entirely satisfying, and even disappointing in its way.

When people reach this stage they often, unwittingly, start searching for something more.  They don’t quite know what they are looking for, but feel that there is more to life than meets the eye.  They begin to ask themselves if their comfortable secure world is all there is, or could there be something really big that they are missing; the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and what if they die and never find it?

And so they begin to question what they are doing with their life, and why they are doing it.  Not in the same light way as the Gemini phase, nor with the dream of perfection like the Virgo mind, for by now they have considerable experience behind them, and go about things with a more philosophical approach, looking hopefully into the future for a more meaningful goal.

The planet that governs Sagittarius is Jupiter, and the element associated is Fire.

Anything linked with Jupiter makes expansion the order of the day, and the same fiery enthusiasm that drives the impulse of Aries and the creativity of Leo, also drives people of this sign into wider fields of discovery.

They strive to push out the boundaries of understanding beyond the more personal issues, searching for a greater purpose to their existence than just their everyday life.

With maturity comes a certain amount of wisdom and, for many, there is the feeling that they have faced the struggles of responsibility and proved, if only to themselves, that they are quite capable of coping in a hostile world.

With this security, they have renewed enthusiasm to look outward towards other ideals and, given the freedom, they are eager to take the opportunity to try to understand the deeper and more profound aspects of life.  And so they begin to look again at all the things they have hitherto taken for granted, in hope of discovering the secrets that they always knew were there, but never had time to see.

At this stage there is normally great hope and eternal optimism, for they have become aware, through all the traumas of life, that each experience is just a phase of growth and, if they could only find out more about the forces of fate and destiny, they could perhaps begin to understand their own spiritual purpose

The symbol of Sagittarius is the centaur.  Half Man and half beast.  A description of those who are incarnate in human flesh, with normal earthly needs, but developing the recognition that there is a greater power and wisdom that guides and protects them through their darkest hours.

They are the Archer who releases the arrow of hope towards a distant and unknown destination yet, with eternal optimism, looks forward to the future discoveries that can be made where the arrow may land.

All these are the feelings that drive people of true Sagittarian nature.  They find restriction and monotony disruptive to their natural free and easy attitude, for they are philosophical by nature, seeing life as a rich and glorious land of opportunity, and forever seeking to expand their horizons into untasted fields and pastures.

It is fundamental to them to have a goal to work towards in life, and the freedom to study and explore, or they can find themselves suffering from exaggerated worries, aimlessness and depression.  Above all, they urgently search to find the truth that underlies the reason for existence; a uniting with a power greater than their own in order to attain something bigger and better than the mundane process of merely existing.

And so Sagittarius, rather casually, walks out onto a more spiritual ladder, searching for greater understanding of religion, justice, and law.  Their inspiration lies in the wealth of discovery to be found in the traditions and cultures of other countries, and the deeper meanings that lie behind the subjects hitherto studied.

Hence they are great travellers, both abroad and in the mind, and often take on successful careers in religion, exploration, philosophy, metaphysics, publishing, teaching, and anything that has something of a quest for expansion and deeper understanding.  Their energy, like their nature, is extreme and, although they make good athletes as well as architects of big business, their enthusiasm can lead them to go overboard and suffer at times from acute exhaustion.

They are quite capable of taking risks, and make happy go lucky, congenial workers with far reaching goals but, unless driven by a strong personal desire, they tend to be more casual, and less ambitious than other signs, allowing events to unfold rather than chasing after something that doesn’t entirely inspire their interest.

Sometimes they can seem confusing to those more rooted in the material world, for they are idealists and see the present only as a springboard to the future.

They are worriers, not because they are pessimists for, to them, the ‘glass is mostly half full’ but because they often find themselves fearful of missing the opportunities that may come their way.

They have been accused of exaggeration, and ‘foot in the mouth’ disease for their aspirations and enthusiasm don’t make them the most tactful of people, and yet it has to be said that the ‘vision’ of Sagittarius is hard to describe to others for, just like the archer, their perception of the target is personal to them alone.

The element Fire associated with this sign can be likened to the burning of grasses on the last autumn days; clearing the ground to make ready for the winter frosts and a new stage of growth.

It is a Fire that is best left seemingly unconstrained, but kept within well defined parameters.

The time of Sagittarius is the last month of autumn; a cold blustery time, just before winter begins to set in and the seeds internalise deep in the soil.  Most people classify this as winter, but it is not until the solstice – on about 21st December – that winter really begins.

It is the natural process of nature that the shoots of the future – in whatever way they are buried – always turn in the ground, and lie with their arrows reaching upwards towards the spring, and the return of the light of the sun.

And so it is with the nature of this zodiac sign, for there is an inner faith, hope, and optimism that knows that there is indeed a tomorrow which promises more and, for the time being, they are content to aspire and learn, in preparation for the opportunities of another day.

Sagittarius represents the evolutionary quest of humanity – the visionary on an everlasting nomadic journey, eagerly searching for the light of its spiritual star, and urgent to meet the challenges of a greater and freer world, immortalised in a distant, but unknown, target of the future.