Paralda – Elemental King of Air

Welcome to this introduction to Paralda РElemental King of Air.

If you stand in the morning mists and look up at the sky, just as the sun is rising, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a misty shadowy shape of hazy blue darting through the clouds on the edge of the wind.

This is Paralda, and his Kingdom is all around us, for he is Lord of the Element Air, and resides under the jurisdiction of the Archangel Raphael, his Master.

Whenever Raphael is called upon for protection, Paralda can be seen rising up beside him, ready to do his bidding, and together they direct and control the movement of Air and the thought patterns around the earth.

Those who see this Mighty King, say he swoops through the skies on gossamer wings, his billowing hair streaked with sunlight, and shaded with the grey whiteness of the clouds that surround him.

His eyes are silver, slanted moonbeams, darting and alert, and the tenuous shape of his body belies his strength for, although he can seem as gentle as the touch of spring upon your cheek, his power is as wild and unpredictable as a howling east wind.

We are told that, with just one glance, he can capture the secrets of our innermost thoughts in the fleeting moment of his penetrating stare, and as he speaks he carries in his voice the rushing sound of brief summer gales, and light autumn breezes.

It is by the breath of Paralda’s commands that he brings the tiny elemental beings, known as the Sylphs of his kingdom, under his control.

Swift and graceful, they flock to surround him, their silvery elf-like form ethereal and indefinite.

It is said that they they can often be heard whispering in the tree tops, as they encircle the skies with the birds of the air.

But we have to be quick to catch sight of them, for they are always moving, ever changing shape, ducking and gliding, swooping and diving, wafer-thin effortless dancers, fluttering on the breath of the wind.