Our Aim and About O.W.L

The following information provides insights into our aim, and tells you something about O.W.L and how it came into existence.

Order of the White Lion (O.W.L)

To encourage the co-existence of all beliefs – whatever race, culture, or creed – not one trying to convert the other, but working together side by side in harmony, in the common search for the One Universal Truth that ensures peace of mind for all.

To promote the growth of public interest in the art of self understanding, thus enabling people to find the freedom to help themselves, and tolerate others more easily.

About us

This site is run by ordinary people who, for many years, have studied the art of Self-understanding. Our aim is to pass on information about O.W.L and help others to live their life more fully.

The origins of O.W.L began under the name of Maat in 1981. It was founded by Jenni Shell who, due to her mother’s illness, had spent many years examining the different approaches to mental and emotional suffering. This led to a personal study of an extensive range of subjects, including various religious beliefs, psychology, mediumship, astrology, karma, tarot, and Qabalah,

Maat – named after the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice – originally started as a Self-awareness School, specifically designed to create training courses where groups could discover more about themselves, the world around them, and to perhaps find some explanation as to the reason for their existence – in particular their Soul purpose in life. This was done through the use of astrology and other mystical subjects, as psychological tools of self-understanding.

Over the years more than 6,000 people, from all walks of life, came under instruction – some who stayed briefly and some who continued their studies for more than 18 years. It subsequently became very clear that – of those who attended – although some came for personal help and support, many others were inspired to travel a far more active spiritual quest which they hoped would not only aid themselves, but perhaps eventually be of some use to the rest of humanity.

The Order of the White Lion (OWL) emerged in 2000 as a Qabalistic Teaching and Healing Order, run by those who have completed this extensive study of spiritual awareness, and in particular the Tree of Life. All the participants have a background of at least 10 years training, and considerable experience in many other specialised areas of self development.

The Name

The White Lion has often been linked with the “Power of the Day”, and also the “Divine Light of Creative Vision”.   The lion is well known as the King of the Beasts on earth, and therefore the White Lion also represents the Magnificence of Nature abundant with life.  The Owl is a night creature, silent and sure, who has the innate ability to see in the dark. Hence it is often associated with Wisdom, Teaching, and the “Power of the Night”.

The Order of the White Lion (OWL) encompasses both the White Lion and the Owl, hence it represents the many varied patterns of nature, including the ability to see the unseen. Our job is to try to help people explore the hidden inner aspects of the world; the polarity of all things; the work and guidance of other planes of existence, and to give some explanation as to how and why events both easy and difficult may occur in our everyday world.

We attempt to assist others to find, confront, and understand their problems, whilst sustaining comfort and hope for the future.

The name was given to us by an Inner Plane communicator

No distinction or preference is made on any subject, but rather theories are put forward as teaching aids that may be useful for those who wish to explore some of the multitude of different ideals that make up our world.

The Order of The White Lion is not based in any religion, but strongly upholds the value of living by Universal Spiritual Principles, and the magical power of lateral thinking.

Our interest is in the human dilemma of where to go, what to think, how to feel, and when to action in life.

The Order of the White Lion and Isis Tuition are run by teachers who have completed an extensive study of spiritual awareness and in particular the Tree of Life, working very much on a practical level. Our aim is to raise awareness of the teachings and explain how to use the Tree of Life to help others to find a way of living their life more fully.