“Have me in thy mind, and whatever thou wouldst learn, I will teach thee”

Mercury, the child of thought, conceived at sunrise by a fleeting tempestuous union of the Sun and Moon, in the first shaft of light.  His slender build is virgin skinned and lithe with developing masculinity. His eyes the clear crystal blue of a lunar inheritance.

Soft curling hair, blown by the eddying breeze of perception and silken with the shimmer of sunbeams at dawn.

This virile youth rises like the young phoenix, full of potential, aspiring and ambitious to take short cuts to the top. He is the eternal Peter Pan, darting through life. The idealistic wanderer, traversing the Universe in an instant of time.

Without the light of Mercury within us, we would not know who we are.

Mercury, the questioner, the urgent bright force has inherited his share of the intellectual wealth, and is ever eager to prove he has the right to hold it, but as yet the impulse of the amateur still awaits the combination of Fire and Soul, without which he can never be termed as truly his Father’s son.

He carries with him the cool breeze of reason, quick, intelligent and alert, curious and buoyant, yet yielding to the mood of his association, for he has not quite learned the art of introspection, and searches in the “mirrors of logic” for seeds of understanding.

He is the youth that verges on manhood, a merry mischievous sprite, lacking structure and absorbing experiences; full of movement and wit, as he dances to the tune of his own mental images.

In confrontation this solar child may become contrary, erratic and disconcertingly irrational, transgressing the word and often caught in fierce retribution by the whiplash of his own contradictions.

He can ride high on the winds of storm, and many are the harvests he lays waste through lack of concentration and discernment.

Mercury is the Hermes of the Universe, the Messenger of the Gods. A manipulating, stimulating, dynamic inquirer, ducking, diving and direct.

Here is a true portrayal of the mind in flight, and he moves with wings on his heels, for he is the Springtime Communicator, the first breath of thought, and through the shadowy mists of dawn he heralds the warmth of the Sun.

How Mercury affects us

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and is greatly affected by its power.

It is so close, in fact, that it is often very difficult to see, and it moves around this great disc of fire at tremendous pace.

Our thought patterns move extremely fast as well, changing this way and that, and it is often said that mind can “ride high on the wings of thought”.

The Conscious mind is the closest thing to the very essence of who we are, which Astrologers believe can be likened to the planet Mercury and its relationship to the Sun.

Mercury therefore is associated with our reasoning, our urge to know ourselves and the world around us.

This small planet in the horoscope is said to represent, not only our thoughts but our mental capacity.  It is our curiosity, reasoning power, and ability to communicate with others.

Where contacts between Mercury and other planets are good, the person can be lively and alert, blessed with a quick wit, bright intelligence, and an eager capacity to learn. However, where the contacts are difficult, it can bring about contradictory attitudes, and poor communication skills.

Mercury, is rather like a chameleon and, just as the Moon absorbs influences, it too is greatly affected by contacts with others in the horoscope, for it tends to take on the nature of the planet associated.

However, if we deny freedom of movement from this light young god within us for too long, we may find ourselves lethargic and bored, lacking decisiveness or concentration, and becoming unable to express ourselves in the way others can understand.

On the Tree of Life Mercury is associated with Hod – sephirah of thought and personal will-power  – the colour orange, and the number 8.

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