Karmic Retribution and Reward

Karmic Retribution and Reward: During life there can be many events and circumstances that seem to us impossibly harsh and unfair.  Whether it is a minor event such as unjustified accusations and ensuing judgments, or a major disaster involving brutality and even murder, the damage can be far reaching and deeply traumatic to the lives of more than just the victim.

And this can be made even worse when there seems to be no punishment for the aggressor.

Even when our courts take charge, the emotional scars of an offence can remain for years to come, and no amount of money or length of prison sentence can compensate for such a trauma.

And so it can often seem that the world is a very unfair place.

Yet there are those who believe in the absolute perfection and justice of the universe, and that somehow, somewhere, someday- in this life or maybe the next – a price will be paid for all wrongdoings that will adjust the scales and bring justice to bear upon any aggressor.

The Lords of Karma

The world of Karma is a complex and challenging subject, and different beliefs can bring confusion.  One of these is the notion that Higher Disincarnate Beings are in charge of the process, and these are known as The Lords of Karma.

More detailed information about these Great Beings are given in our Qabalah Section, but in simple terms they are thought to reside as arbiters in the Universal Judgment Hall, where hearts are weighed against actions taken in life, and retribution or reward assessed accordingly.

To many this is a frightening prospect, but it should not be forgotten that the rewards for honesty, truth and love can be very great, and retribution only comes to those who cannot, or will not, take responsibility for the errors they have made, or indeed the pain they have caused to others.

Karmic Retribution is not about bringing ‘suffering’, but bringing ‘realisation’, and the job of the Karmic Lords is not to dish out punishment, but to show us how to avoid it.  The way that this is done is to put us in a position where we really ‘feel’ what others have felt at the hands of ourselves.  There is no greater learning than that of a total experience first hand.

The process is governed by Truth – absolute truth – and all the facts, however obscure, are placed before the individual so there can be no illusions for they can see this truth for themselves.  The end result is that either proper recompense is made, and the scales adjusted, or the aggressor unwittingly becomes the new victim, for a wilful liar will always live in a hell of their own making.

So maybe, those who have ever suffered an untruth, injustice or brutality at the hands of others, can take some solace in the belief that there are no secrets in the after life – no lies can be hidden, no truth untold, and there is nowhere to run from any misdeed.

And those who genuinely have given their hearts and mind to the benefit of this beautiful world we live in, without seeking recognition or return, can be rest assured that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

But maybe too we all could be more careful in the negative judgments we make of others, and the actions we take because of them?  Due to the fragility of our personalities, such judgments are likely to be flawed, and we rarely if ever will really know all the facts.

Of course, through life we have to make assessments all the time, but perhaps it is wise to try to make these on situations rather than the people within them?  This makes for simpler choices for, if we don’t like a ‘situation’ we have the freewill to stay in it or move out of it.  Situations are not reactive, but people are, and if we insist on laying blame on individuals, then this can just open the way to unnecessary karmic hurdles.

It is said that what we give out to others will be returned to us 3 fold, and if this is so, then surely the rewards of honest respect, loyalty and love are preferable to that of wilful ignorance, false pride, and aggression?