“To see a World in a grain of sand, and Heaven in a wild flower.

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, and Eternity in an hour”

This benevolent benefactor, and happy jovial adventurer, is the traveller and philosopher.

Someone of vision, wisdom and integrity, and truly the brother of the Sun.

This character is easy going, broad in stature and outlook, pervading the atmosphere with laughter and life. He showers the family with gifts and fills their hearts with anticipation of greatness by his stories of far distant lands, urging them to spread their wings and find the wonders of their own spiritual truth.

Without the light of Jupiter within us, we could not develop and grow.

His wisdom is born of experience, and where the need for expansion is concerned, Jupiter stands first in the line.

Being never content with knowing something in the superficial sense, he spends time and concentration on finding out how to understand what he already knows, and opens up opportunity for growth, by his ability to see things in a wider dimension, both in body and mind.

To Jupiter there is no horizon, for he knows that when he reaches it there is another far beyond, beckoning to be discovered and, driven by his optimistic approach to life, he sees no boundaries to his development or that of the family, for he sees no restrictions that can hold them back, and no limit to his own potential for growth.

This glorious Zeus of the Heavens is expansive in everything, giving abundance of health, opportunity and potential for great happiness.

Yet also in his enthusiasm, can cause waste, extravagance, over indulgence, and a certain arrogance, when at loggerheads with others. And sadly, his enormous generosity can sometimes be likened to the dangers of a touch that turns everything into gold.

To this character there is more, more to understand, more to have, and more to give. He shares his experiences and joys with any who wish to take them.

A golden Time-Lord of honesty, justice and discovery, who is in continuous search for the understanding of his God and the Universal Laws of the Cosmos.

A being of infinite generosity and wealth of vision, Jupiter is the ever optimistic overseer, reaching for the star of his destiny, and the glory of his truth.

He holds within his nature the chance for wisdom and opportunity, for this Sun-showered charioteer of the Wheel of Fortune is indeed the most blessed of heaven, and the joyous brother of the Gods.

How Jupiter affects us

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and it is said that all the other planets put together would only equal a quarter of its size. Although its position is much further away from the sun than the other planets mentioned so far, it nevertheless is regarded as extremely dominant, if only by its size.

We have a big expansive part of ourselves also, which is our own “personal” Jupiter.

Because of its enormity, astrologers through the ages have come to believe that it relates to our own ability to expand our experience, by seeking not only to ‘know’, but to ‘understand’ more about life, both spiritually and in the world we live in.

It expresses our urge to develop, to grow, to discover the purpose of our creation, and our potential for the future.

Jupiter in the horoscope is said to represent our ability to to widen our dimensions beyond normal limits, through any means available, and urges us to find the wisdom and opportunity to move ever onwards towards a greater destiny.

The explorer, the risk taker, and adventurer within us.

His contact is like being in the middle of christmas all the year round, and like Venus, enhances all those with whom he comes in contact.

Where beneficial, the person finds themselves showered with good fortune, showing an easy going, highly spiritual, jovial, and extremely generous disposition.

If difficult, however, far from withdrawing his bounty, Jupiter extends it to extremes, which can lead to over indulgence and extravagance on every level he touches , and perhaps even brings about over exaggeration, or fanatical and excessive behaviour.

The power of Jupiter, like Mars, is in need of certain controls to avoid overstepping necessary boundaries but, we are told that, if we deny this generous God within us for too long, we can suffocate our chances of fulfilling our full potential, and leave ourselves bereft of the spiritual wisdom that brings purpose to our lives.

On the Tree of Life Jupiter is associated with Chesed – sephirah of growth, order and timing  – the colour blue, and the number 4.

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