Chesed workbook sample pages

Take a look at our Chesed workbook sample pages.

The Chesed Workbooks One and Two are the sixth and seventh books in the Practical Qabalah book series.

In Chesed workbook One there are 2 guided meditations. The first one is called ‘The Search for Peace’. We are told that the key to finding ‘peace’ lies in how we can fulfil our soul’s mission on earth, and asked to consider how we may be of service to others. The second meditation is called ‘The Lake Meditation’. This fully guided meditation helps the individual to stay in touch with the Inner Soul.

In Chesed Workbook Two we journey to the Temple of Chesed and meet the Hermit on the mountain who gives us 3 keys so that we may open the doors to this sapphire temple, and catch a glimpse of our picture of life.