Isn’t it time  ….?

Isn’t it time now, that we spent a moment of our precious lives to really think?

Isn’t it time now to wonder why it takes a natural disaster to unite us?

Isn’t it time now to finally realise how small we are in relation to the wisdom of Nature?  And how strange it is that animals can sense and survive real danger, when most of us cannot?

Isn’t it time now to do more than just donate to survivors and build memorials to the dead …… so tomorrow we can forget?

Isn’t it time now to appreciate that this is your world and part of your species that has been lost in a blink of an eye….. and tomorrow it could be you?

Maybe it is time now to wonder  …..   not what God is doing, but what we are doing in the battle for our own survival?

So isn’t it time now to forget our petty differences, and banish the terrible arrogance that believes that we can protect ourselves by killing each other?

And isn’t it time now that we truly learned how to play the game, and finally grew up?

This was first written for the Tsunami of 2004, and remains the same for Japan in 20011.  Have we learned anything yet?

Please forward this to your friends : Jenni Shell – 2004/2011