Student  ‘I Study’

Virgo is associated with the Student, and the time when we reap the harvest of a good upbringing, or the stunted growth of a thwarted childhood.

It is at this time in life that a child becomes fully developed, and leaves the playful days of adolescence behind them.

It is a more serious moment, but one of anticipation and interest, for they are preparing to approach life and really accept responsibilities for themselves.

In many senses this is a time of crisis, for it is the last of the signs that is involved closely with the idea of ‘self’ and is on the brink of change that leads to becoming a real adult.

In this phase of existence, the young person looks back on their progress in the school years, and starts to wonder what they have learned, and what they are now going to do with their future.

There is a painful but often urgent need to leave the protection of the family, and prepare to create one of their own. This brings much tension and analysis, for they have had little experience in taking on such responsibility, and their major learning has been in the theory of books, or from the example of others. It is time to get down to the nitty gritty, and test things out for themselves.

As they begin to look at the world more closely, it no longer seems the exciting playground that it was before.

At this stage there is also only limited understanding as to the frailty of human judgement, and the difficulties that face those in senior positions.  The decisions previously taken by their elders seem, all at once, to take on major significance, and any errors appear to stand out like an blot on the horizon of progress.

This is the time of many beliefs and ideals; a time for university, a new job, or an attempt to gain experience by learning the techniques of a trade in order to support the future.

It is sometimes thought that those in this phase of life can all too easily neglect the seriousness of their work for the pleasures of their new found freedom but, although this may sometimes appear to be true, they are always deeply serious about their position in life, and what they intend to do in the future.

There may be an outward show of dislike of the ‘boring’ things like housework, but they secretly feel greatly distressed by having to put up with unclean conditions, for it is in every aspect of the physical world that they so eagerly seek perfection.

They may challenge ‘the rules’ yet are not disinterested in them really – just seeking to understand the reason why they are there in the first place. They try to discriminate between what ‘works’ and what doesn’t, in order that they may assess their own place in the future, and avoid making the same mistakes as others before them.

The Student stands back and considers their position, studying every aspect to see how it can be perfected.  They analyse absolutely everything, including their parents, their diet, their tutors, workmates, belief systems, and most particularly those who are now supposedly ‘in charge’ of this human arena.

It is from all these things that their own personal future, and that of other generations, will flounder or flourish.  It matters a great deal to them that things should be ‘right’ in the world, and it is with deep concentration and attention to detail, that they search this way and that for solutions to the difficulties they see.  Indeed, some governments have been known to be more challenged by student demonstrations than any other confrontation.

The Planet that governs this Zodiac sign is Mercury, and the element associated is Earth.  This makes them the ‘analytical observers’ or ‘watchers’ of the zodiac – their thoughts and activities rooted in the physical world.

They are excellent workers, and have little time for laziness or the ‘airy fairy’ dreams of some other signs, for to them life is based in reality, and reality means living with their feet firmly on earth.  This means attending to small details that hitherto would have been left undone.  It means using the mind in a less superficial sense than in the Gemini phase, for it is essential to analyse why things are done, not just to simply to know without being concerned with the reasons.

They are not sensual and contented like the earthy Taurus nature, for their mind keeps them constantly investigating and testing, but their sustenance is the rich harvest yield that comes with learning how to perfect the techniques of living.  They are far from boring, but quiet, pure in motive, logical, and adaptable in thought, inwardly seeking out answers that will lead them forward into a brighter future.

The symbol associated with Virgo is the Virgin.  She is the portrayal of purity and perfection, and above all this Zodiac sign seeks to raise itself beyond the more ignorant and unwholesome aspects of life.  Cleanliness and good health are of extreme importance to them and, as a result, they often end up as vegetarians for, not only do they love animals but they are not the most robust of signs, and are acutely aware that what they put into their bodies they will reap at a later stage.

The Virgin speaks in itself of a need to purify each area of experience; to observe and analyse, for with perfection comes total harmony and balance, and makes ready for Libra and the time of the young adult.

They are committed, loyal and sensitive people, and have exceptional ability to link as a team, for they know that this enhances the chances of producing the best.

Accountants, teachers, tailors, mathematicians, and computer experts, are part of their natural forte, as well as ability in fields of research, for they have good powers of concentration and a great deal of patience in complex matters.

The Element Earth aligned with this phase can be likened to the harvest yield; rich, warm and fresh in abundance, that is so urgently needed to sustain our health and well being through the bleak winter months ahead.  It is therefore no surprise that this sign is known for producing some of the best doctors, surgeons, nutritionists, and healers of every kind.

And so all this is the Archetypal Virgo, a gentle, committed, and earthy sign that is sadly so often misunderstood.  It has been considered over critical and fussy in outlook, but this just skates on the surface of the true depth of their character, for they have much hidden inner strength that brings comfort and security to those in distress.  There is a tendency to worry about details that many would overlook, but the challenge they give to others is no match for their own inner confrontations, for they are indeed hard task masters of themselves.

Virgo is the last month of summer, and heralds the autumn change.  The movement of nature has reached the fullness of cycle, and those who have been challenged by the battle of the elements reap the rewards of their past efforts.

So it is with the attitude of this sign.  It is necessary to correct the errors and reap the harvest of the summer of their lives in order that, with the turn of Autumn and the coming of maturity, they are capable of caring for and protecting others, as their parents did before them.

They are like the tree that stands tall and supple, swaying in the wind of thought; their feet rooted in the warmth of the earth, but their head forever moving and adapting to the clouds of possibility that will yield a better harvest.

True Virgo people observe the fragility of human kind and, in their wisdom, search for the purity that will quell the wounds of ignorance and neglect.  They are the dedicated ‘disciples’ of life, and objective and critical they have to be, for they are the chosen navigators of a more perfect civilisation, and the natural healers of the blemishes of the world.