“Beauty must be in accord with truth.

Love is the vision of the Triumph of Truth – and that is beauty”

Venus, the golden daughter and love child of the Sun and the Moon; innately spoiled, beautiful and tantalising, yet seemingly scheming in her gentleness.

Venus portrays the character of true femininity in the full and voluptuous blossom of youth, yet holds the mystery of maturity soon to come, and therein lies her potential for infinite danger.

A woman caught amongst men, she represents their idea of heaven made manifest on earth. The softness and warmth of her appeal makes her the apple of her father’s eye, and the contentment of all those on whom she bestows her affections.

Without the light of Venus within us, we could not know Love.

Love is her beacon, harmony and peace. Everyone is softened by her touch, and no-one unaffected by her influence, particularly her father, whom she twists like a flashing ray of gold around her finger.  She is the inspiration behind his desire for material and spiritual growth.

Yet the character of this Enchantment Isle is deceptive and impenetrable, her aloofness concealing the sharpness of her claw.

She walks with the grace of a swan, her soft skin shimmering in the moonlight that rightfully belongs to her mother and, through the power of her favour, she holds the family to ransom.

Intently aware of her share in the family relationships, this child of nature, displays temptation and love like a fire ablaze, bewitching and inspiring the prowess and hunter in man to fulfil his desires.  It is on the strength of such a promise that great empires are born.

Venus, Daughter of Sunset, and the influence of the Sun and Moon combined in a perfect rainbow of delight.  Her soft beauty holds the mystery, innocence and invitation of virginity, belying and dangerous, for this gentle Aphrodite has power of persuasion more deadly than any weapon of metal or mind.

Faltering and lost are those held captivated in the intoxication of her smile.

How Venus affects us

Venus is the most beautiful of planets, bright in light and soft and warm to the eye.

Many through the ages, have likened her to peace, harmony, and love.

She is so beautiful from afar, yet deceptive and hostile when we draw near.  Astrologers liken this to love; delightful, gentle and tempting, but dangerous if we move too close when unprepared.

Venus is a child of nature, receptive and tender, yet fiercely protective of the essence of beauty she portrays.

We have this child of nature within us also, which is our own “personal” Venus.

It expresses our urge to give and receive love, whether it be to another individual, or in the way we find peace and contentment in our lives, and are able to respond to the natural movement of nature around us.

Venus in the horoscope is said to represent the “earthy” part of ourselves. Our need for emotional security, loving interaction, and beauty and harmony in our surroundings.

Where contacts between Venus and the planets are good, the person responds closely to nature, and exudes sensuality and a happy disposition. But where the contacts are difficult, it can present challenges to the expression of love, giving rise to a certain coldness, insecurity in relationships, and a general lack of inner contentment .

Venus is affected by other planets, but it is said that she affects others more than they do her. Any who make contact are softened by her touch, and she has been known to bring harmony into the coldest of hearts.

The mysteries of love stir deep within us and, through Venus, this expression is revealed.

However, we are told that, if we deny the touch of this sensual goddess within us for too long, we could find ourselves miserable, lonely, and feeling bereft of all the things that we hold most dear.

Venus is innately gentle and forgiving, looking for nothing in return for her favours, but to those that are fearful of love, yet seek to pluck the beauty of such a rose, she can be as wounding as the ripping of flesh on a hidden thorn.

On the Tree of Life Venus is associated with Netzach – sephirah of love and feelings – the colour emerald green, and the number 7.

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