“We do not see light, but only what it illuminates”

This cosmic character portrays the magical, irresistible, eccentric Lord of the Flashes of Light, exciting, vibrant and unaccountable.

The magnetism of his personality stimulates progress, through the peculiarities of his genius.

Without the light of Uranus within us, we would have no originality.

He is the inventor, the magician, the spark of light that belies the Sun, and the catalyst to bring about change, new ideas and viewpoints. A personality of illumination and vital power, who searches for originality of purpose and freedom for all those he touches.

‘Unconventionality’ is his keyword, and to this end he is totally unusual in his approach.

He can just as easily be found striding on the peaks of the icy clouds, challenging the force of mid-winter, as roasting and glowing by the crackle of a bonfire, lit in the bleakness of a sandy desert. The reason is rarely understood, but always his own!

Being an outsider amongst the Planetary Beings, his home is not within the cosmic family environment, but on some distant shore, full of strange and extra-ordinary inhabitants, concentrating with vigour on the Alchemy of life.

When he does make an entrance, he arrives suddenly, without warning, for tact and diplomacy are not his forte. He strikes with the speed of lightening, breaking up pre-conceived ideas and disrupting the organisation and structure that others have painstakingly built.

Quite often he leaves as soon as he arrives, but behind him remains the unmistakable footprint of his visiting card.  He is the bane of Saturn’s life, and a heartfelt challenge to his brother the Sun, for he has no tolerance for format or authority, and goes where his Will dictates.

The worth of this vital revolutionary lies in the stimulation he brings with him. He is the embodiment of the sixth sense, and has an ingenious and brilliant intuitive understanding of details that have baffled the others for months.

With his direct quickness, he will light up the possibilities of a new direction that can lead onward out of the field of darkness.

Uranus, thoroughbred of mental agility, exciting and magnetising with his bizarre and revolutionary approach yet, under stress, he can be disruptive, erratic and hectic in his insistence on change.

When he arrives, nobody misses his presence, for he is like the flash of light that can enlighten or electrocute.

As much as he is respected and admired for his intuition and brilliance, there are those who breathe a heavy sigh of relief on the release of tension when he departs.

How Uranus affects us

To most stargazers, Uranus is beyond our field of vision, yet it can be easily seen with the use of a telescope. Through technology we have discovered our capability of breaking down our own limitations, and changing the order of existing things, so we may be enlightened by new events and circumstance. The planet’s polar axis is also in a completely different position from all the other planets except Pluto, and the combination of these two factors have led astrologers to investigate the unusual, inventive, and original affect it can have upon our lives.

We have unusual qualities within us also, which are said to represent our own ‘personal’ Uranus.

In the horoscope Uranus is said to indicate the unique aspects of the person; their insight, originality, and sixth sense.

Where the contacts between Uranus and the planets are good, the intuition and inventiveness is enhanced, and the person shows a strongly independent streak, with healthy attraction to everything new, magical and exciting.

However, where the contacts are difficult, it can bring out a perverse, disruptive attitude, causing erratic, and even rebellious behavior.

It has been argued that, as one of the ‘outer’ and recently discovered planets, Uranus does not affect us as individuals so much, but is more associated with generations of people.

Whilst this is indeed the case, and has particularly been shown by the impact this planet has had on the Age of Aquarius and the sudden rise of technology, it is also believed that, according to its positioning in the horoscope, Uranus affects the individual in a very personal way.

Uranus acts on impulse and does not attune itself kindly to authority, or any form of control. When strong in the chart, the person can openly rebel against these things, regardless of whether the contacts with other planets are good or difficult. In that respect, it is not easily overcome.

.However, being a less ‘personal’ planet, the contacts can seemingly remain dormant for long periods of time and, if we deny this inventive magician within us for too long, we can find ourselves full of explosive inner tensions, and feelings of imprisonment, which will ultimately force us to break out and change our circumstance, perhaps more suddenly than we would like.

On the Tree of Life Uranus is associated with Chokmah – sephirah of imagination, creative power and originality  – the colour grey, and the number 2.

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