The Wyvern

Saxon = Wivere = Serpent

This magnificent creature is depicted in modern times as a vicious, malign predator.  In Heraldry, its supposedly envious and warlike attributes where used to put fear in the heart of the enemy.  Even today it is feared amongst the most brave of warriors, and its breath is said to bring pestilence and disease.

However, the truth about this great beast is quite different, for we are told by those who have studied it, that the Wouive is really a gentle and magical dragon, empathetic with all of nature’s creatures, and brings life and knowledge to everyone as it moves around the earth.  Its breath – far from being dangerous – can lead to inspiration and enlightenment for all those touched by it.

Should we be lucky enough to see The Wyvern, we would be struck by a brilliant flashing garnet, normally mounted on its forehead; sparkling scales on its body, and almost luminous wings.  It stands on two strong legs that resemble that of the eagle, and has a long serpentine tail.

Perhaps it is time now to really recognise the true magnificence of this wonderful creature, and return it to its rightful place of benevolence that, for so long, has been lost in the mists of time?

By Claire Russell