The Weaver

I stand alone in this darkened place

And I have seen the fall from grace.

I have learnt of wisdom born of strife,

Encountered death in the midst of life.

I have felt emotion red and raw.  Cried until I could cry no more.

I have given and taken, how equal the scale?

Always the cat chasing his tail.

I have come into life and left in one day,

I have lived many years and wanted to stay.

I have spent time in deserts, and lived on the dirty street.

Flown above the mountains – in many tongues I speak.

I have sat in tranquil silence, and shouted loud and clear.

Travelled the Earth and far beyond,

And held my true love near.

I have loved and lost and loved again,

Bittersweet memories of joy and pain.

I have joined with nature – touched the Earth,

Realised Her Sacred worth.

I have been bound in black and dressed in white,

To rise again and see the light.

I have prayed to the stars, the moon and the sun,

And known special moments of laughter and fun.

I have seen through the eyes of man, woman, child,

Been humbled by those whose manner is mild.

Fought for my Truth with words and with war.

Been hailed a hero, then kicked to the floor.

Scared as a rabbit, big, brave and bold.

Sometimes I feel so ancient and old.

I have chased the rainbow, touched the gold;

The greatest story every told.

I stand alone in this darkened space,

And I have seen the fall from grace.

But I have light behind my eyes,

The flame of Hope that never dies.

As long as there is Life, there are magic spells to weave,

And although the web is shaken

The Spider will not leave.

© Jou-el King 1998