The Sun


“To the Souls of Fire, I give more fire, and to those who are manful, I give a Might more than Man’s”


The Sun, of this planetary family, is the blazing disc of Life and the driving force of existence.  Regal in strength and dignity, his image portrays the majestic abundance of spiritual light, and the rightful bearer of ultimate power.

He is the vibrant provider of warmth; affluent and rewarding. The leader of all around him, and demands to be loved, honoured and respected by all, for he is the courageous Monarch of the Heavens and the central driving force of the inner being.

Without the light of the Sun within us, we would not exist

He is the creator, undeniable in command; accepted simply because of his own existence, and the knowledge that no planet has the fortitude to oust him from power.  Indeed he is the essence and divine spark, the resplendent circle of fire, without whom all creatures would perish from the cold.

When the Sun enters a situation it is definite and spectacular, drawing others to him compelled by his presence.

To his followers he is the Magnanimous Protector, the Emperor of Health, for he rewards their loyalty with infinite love and the abundant warmth of his paternal smile.

Everyone warms to this benefactor, for his honesty and general good humour make him benevolent and generous in character.  Yet he can be fearful and awesome at times, for his sense of identity, authority, and justice is such, that he commands complete obedience with the penetrating clearness of his glance, warning imminent danger to those who may, in their stupidity, inadvertently tread on his toes.

In adversity the Sun is the most arrogant of Beings, fighting with determination and valour to protect his position of influence, and threatening those who dare to usurp his authority.

Yet even the Sun, the Omnipotent Arbiter, can flounder under the pressure of a truculent family for, working together, they can become a formidable opposition.

In spite of this, however, he has the assurance that does not acknowledge any risks, and will insist on securing his position of rank with superior and pompous persistence, intent on bending the ‘will’ of the ‘mere fool’ who misunderstood their place.

He the life force and heartbeat of this family of planets, and everything revolves around his needs and desires, for he is the Primal Glory, Leader of the Gods, Crown of Creation and Ruler of Kings.

This patron of life is the undisputed procreator of the day, and master of all existence, being rich and vital in strength and force.  The arc of his light, a blazing shield of protection and warmth to those he loves, yet a burning weapon of wrath to any who challenge his throne.

How the Sun affects us

The Sun is the centre of our Solar System, around which everything revolves.

It is the heartbeat of life on earth, and indeed that of any life that may be on the planets, for in itself it is not a planet at all, but a Star, and is sometimes known as a luminary.


We have a heartbeat also, which is our own ‘personal’ sun

It is the ‘star’ within us, and this sun expresses our urge to live, to be, to exist, for it is the very life force, the central need of ourselves, around which everything else must revolve.

The Sun in the horoscope is said to represent the core of the real person; their creative power, confidence and strength.  It has even been suggested that it is the ‘eye of the soul’.

The sun, however, is not singular.  It is central to the family of planets and the backdrop of the zodiac behind it.  Although extremely powerful in its magnitude, astrologers believe that it can be affected by surrounding influence.

Where the contacts between the sun and planets are good, the radiance of the inner being is enhanced, and the person glows with contentment and wellbeing but, where the contacts are difficult, it can present challenges to their confidence and ability to fully express their essential needs.

This brilliant force that gives life can never be overpowered, but it can be hidden or seemingly dominated by other factors, which could be likened to the sun being hidden behind a cloud.

However, if we deny this omnipotent god within us for too long, it will insist on being recognised, by attracting events that will force us to realise what we really want out of life.

The planets, in the chart represent WHAT we are. They are the essential drives within us.

Astrologers tell us that, according to the contacts with other planets and links with the signs, these essential drives can be greatly altered, which may give some explanation as to why we all express ourselves in different ways, and why, although basically the same, we are all in fact unique.

On the Tree of Life the Sun is associated with Tiphareth – sephirah of healing, balance and intuition – the colour yellow and the number 6.

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