The Spiritual Rainbow

The Spiritual Rainbow: It is said that from the Universal pressure of the Spiritual Plane, there emanated Seven streams of Force, known as the Seven Rays.

The Seven Rays flowed from the white light at the centre and, through this diffusion of light, each Ray carried with it one colour from the glorious spectrum of the rainbow.


The power of colour works extensively in our everyday lives, and yet we are told that it also affects our spiritual life, for it is part of all life, and each Ray sustains a clear passageway to the white light of the centre, from where it first came.

It is true therefore, that no colour can remain in isolation, for it is part of the Greater Whole, and is only an aspect of the diffusion of the One Light and the One Beginning.

It has also been taught by some philosophies that, from each of the Seven Rays and their colours, there flowed the Seven aspects of the one nature of the Creator, and from these emanated the Seven great teachings, or ideals, that these aspects portrayed.

It is therefore suggested that each individual person also travels on their own pathway and their own colour ray and, those who follow their true nature, will return to the White Light via their true colour in the end – but each Ray is only part of the whole, and thus no belief or opinion can be isolated, for it is part of a greater Truth.

All colours, although different in vibration from another, link together in the perfection of the overall balance and harmony, and perhaps it is worth considering that this could also apply to the unity of religious beliefs?

The rainbow can be described as a Universal symbol of Harmony, and can therefore be recognised by all, whatever language or creed, for it is the symbol of pure life, and has often been denoted as the bridge between God and Man.

Looked at in this way, perhaps we can see that each colour could represent a special type or category of faith.

Of course there are other religions that originated over the centuries but, if we look closely, perhaps these also could be classified within the seven major aspects of belief.

These Seven Faiths are not accidental, but rooted in our human nature.  They are part of the natural evolutionary progress of our existence for, if we examine the historical dates associated with the Great Teachers of humanity, they follow in sequence one to another, just like the natural format of the colours of the rainbow.

Together these Great Teachers form the basis for the unity of religion. Fundamentally, they interlink and share one another’s doctrines of the One Creator, the glory of Nature, and the Brotherhood of Humanity.

The harmony and beauty of God’s Creation can be seen to manifest throughout nature, and hence it follows that it equally finds balance through us, just as it also manifests in all the diversity of existence.

All beliefs can have their value as aspects of faith, just as all fields of logic are valuable to scientific knowledge, and all philosophical doctrines can enhance the wisdom of life.

Such are the Faiths of the Seven Great Streams of Colour and Force.

Each contributes something that fulfills a human need.
Each has its name for their God and the one Golden Rule of Love.

Each strives to unify in its fundamental nature.

Yet all are inter-related, and together they create the many shades of the different Faiths and their ideals.

Surely we do not have to look too hard to observe that their views are mutually compatible and complementary, when seen as parts of a Whole?

If we manage to sidestep our obsession with the wars of the world, we may see that we could be moving slowly in the direction of a Universal Faith, in which individual religions will have their own traditions, yet still recognise what is really important that they share together, and that is in the Divine Power of Love and the Omnipotent Force of The One Creator.

Maybe there won’t be a future single religion of the world, but maybe there will eventually be a common school of thought for all beliefs and all nations.

And maybe, with the turn of the Age of Aquarius, we have a golden opportunity to gather together the multi-colours of the Rainbow, which will lead us from a crystal with many religious faces, to the pure white light of the One Truth.