The Sacred Light

The Sacred Light surrounded me, held me, bought me down the Lightening Flash; pausing at the Ancient Standing Stones of Wisdom, and then on to the Sea of Sorrows, where the tears rolled in understanding.

And from the Sapphire Temple of Vision came the Masters in their sand-sun hazed robes, greeting and surrounding me, before urging me across to the Karmic Fire where the Queen of Love held, softened, and understood the frustrations.

To the Hermit then, the Teacher with his light in the innermost central cave of my heart, and the crystals flashing the sunlight off their path.  And from there I walked into the arms of Victory, which I knew so well – and moved on, past the crooked tower of misperception, to the clear blue sharpness and ice cold clarity of truth.

And I stood before the Foundations of Life, glimpsing into the underground, down those up and down steps – and then into The Kingdom, my feet descending down and down in their Light robes, and I felt the strength of it, as I rose again to reach for The Crown, through this vast Light body, linked to everyone – to Humanity.

In the Ultimate Light, more tears as I built the grey stone Temple of the Gates, cemented with the salt from the tears – vast pillars with no roof – the sun, the moon and all the stars of the night translated into the Light, the Bliss at the peak of the mountain.

And I curled up in the Breath of God and was raised in His hands – could see/know of all worlds, cosmos, universes – looking from outside in, now in the vastness of the levels that hold links and lattices in the Breath of God.

And I am held in Light and in Trust – put back down off the peak from the gold vastness, where I am kneeling amongst the stones and the pillars in the huge ruins of Ephesus, Carthage and the ancient places.

Then back into the Temple of Creation – not holding or binding, but where I can wander – where the Masters congregate as they hold their great courts, and look up through the skies to the Breath – through the Breath.  They were, and are The Love – the Breath of God which comes back down the lightening flash with me.

I am clothed – I am the gold, the Being, a part of the lattice web – I know from the depths to the heights and back.  The salt tears hold the stones clear and firm as they are built through and through on the Breath of God – this Light Being – this Being – The Ancient of Days.

And I drew the Sword of my Will, and I rang the wee bell – it calls across the hills and the mountains and it laughs through its cracked body – it knows!

And I quietly closed the gates as I returned earthwards.

Rowena Nott