The Moon

The Moon: Moods – Instinct – Response – Memory

“All things is She, and all dreams are seen in Her, and whatsoever is of our nature answers unto Her.”

The silver liquid character of the Moon is the fertile and protective mother and wife, acutely and instinctively aware of the needs of this cosmic family.  She is emotional, feminine, gentle and responsive; the translucent Queen of the seasons and mother and confider for all those she touches.

Without the light of the Moon within us we would not be able to respond to our feelings.

As the partner of the Sun she owns nothing, yet influences everything for the authority which is his is also hers, subtle and undeniable in its strength.

She moves, passive and cool in the darkness of the heavens, a shimmering reflection of the solar day.

Tranquil and silent this Lady of the Night is all things for all needs, essential to every hope and guidance in the darkest hour.

The Moon is the Great Mother Sea of the cosmic soul, and her glimmering mantle and heart are full of their secret tears.

She rises from the deep waters as the Evening Star, and responds to every situation.

Motivated by instinct, she is the mediator, gently absorbing and reflecting the needs of others so they may harmonise more easily with the Sun.

Luna, Levanah, tranquil High Priestess of the Treasure House of Images and deceptive Mistress of all Astral Light.

The hidden influence of this gentle character is of vital importance to the well being and growth of this cosmic family, for although the Sun is the procreator of light within his world, his needs are reflected in the mirror of the Moon, whose adaptability protects him and the family from head-on confrontation.

No matter how vital, brilliant or creative he may be, without her ability to adapt, assimilate, change and reflect, he would find great difficulty in harnessing these powers.

The deep sensitivity of this fertile mother makes her constantly changeable.

Like the tides of the sea, she is forever restless, adapting to the needs of the moment.

If overworked or under stress she will become moody and irritable, unable to contain the depth of her emotions from being whipped into a storm of discontent.

She is Isis, Diana, Mother of Midnight, and guidance behind the radiant warmth of the Sun.

Her energy is filled with the habits of her forefathers and, within her instinctive reactions, lies a memory of long hidden experiences, learned but not forgotten.

The Moon is the Sun’s leading light and power behind the throne yet, in her passive quietness and wisdom, she knows that this soft hue is only the subtle reflection of his own brilliant force.

How the Moon affects us

The Moon affects the waters of the world, and its light is the reflection of the Sun.

It is often known as the ‘second luminary’ although it is not a Star, but a small planet that encircles our earth.

In spite of its size, the Moon has a strong impact on our world, for it affects the movement of the seasons, and the ebb and flow of the tides.

It has often been said that the phases of the Moon affect our emotions and, as our bodies are made up of nearly all water, this is hardly surprising, for we are not separate from nature but very much part of it.

Astrologers believe that we have an emotional tide within us, which is our own ‘personal’ moon.

It is our ‘reflective quality’ and expresses our urge to absorb, adapt and respond to, the seasons of life around us.

The Moon in the horoscope is sometimes called the ‘the subconscious mirror’ and is said to represent the emotional qualities of the person.

It is the ebb and flow of our instinctive drives, our automatic reactions, and our ability to care for, and nurture the needs of others.

Unlike the Sun, the Moon can be easily influenced by contacts with the other planets, and where these contacts are good, the nature of the person will show a strong inner contentment, and quiet ability to adapt to, and empathise with, the issues that life presents.

Where these contacts are difficult, however, it can disrupt the emotional stability, causing over-reactive behavior, mood swings, discontent, and even depression.

This tender force not only nurtures life but sustains it, by reflecting our inner emotional needs.

And we are advised that if we deny the natural movement of this subtle goddess within us for too long, the Inner Spirit and Will to Live – as represented by the Sun – will suffer also, leaving us unfulfilled and bereft of the nourishment that is essential for lasting happiness.

On the Tree of Life The Moon is associated with Yesod – sephirah of emotional stability – the colour violet, and the number 9.

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