The Element Water

Water is emotion

It feels, it dreams, it nurtures the heart.

It refreshes.

It cools, it is wet, fluid, heavy and mysterious, taking the shape of whatever contains it.

Water is the food of life, and essential for life, for all things arose from the sea. It quenches the thirst of the earth made barren by fire and air.

Water is serenity.  It is blue, clear and passive, yet seeps through the cracks of our defenses.  It flows with our mood, and cannot be held, for it slips through the hands.  It is the swift current of a brooding storm, the heavy foam riding rough on the tides of the ocean.  It can erode and drown.

Yet too it is the gentleness of ripples on a crystal pool.  It moves, it ebbs, it flows, it cleanses, it soothes.

It is the brilliance of the Holy Grail, held high and overflowing with love, or suddenly upturned to suffocate with tears.  It is the cry of joy or the sob of heartbreak.

“Tread carefully with your heart, for you dare to tread on Water”

Water is dusk – the sun, shaded in the west and the silver, liquid moon climbing slowly to claim a darkening sky of shadows.

It is autumn – the trembling of the leaves as the summer mood passes.

Water is Maturity, the Sister of Feeling.  It changes.  It adapts.

It is the jaded blue of depression, and the subtle, passive hue of contentment. It is our astral being.  It shapes our thoughts, yet thoughts can shape it.  It is tossed and inspired by the winds of air, absorbed in the fullness of earth, yet in storm it threatens to drown the Spirit, the energy, the desire for life.

For it spits in the face of fire.

Only water can bring the sanctity of true love, the balance of harmony.  It is deceptive, subtle and elusive.  It has force and power, rhythm and cycle, charity and compassion.  It is the hazy mirror of the subconscious instincts of our past, and our conscious needs for the future.

Water is the secret murmur of our heart, and the gentle reflection of the Spirit in manifestation.

Water within us

Emotions are strange and unaccountable just like water.  They ‘rise up’ within us, often unbidden, take no account of reason or thought and, without control, can lead us into trauma and confusion.

Many times a person will say “I know the logic of it, but in reality it is a different matter”.  When we are hurt we often cry.  When we are happy we often cry, and unless we can contain our emotions, we can swamp ourselves and others with our tears.

Water itself needs to be contained if it is not to run unchecked and wasted.

Watch the movement of water as it cascades, crystal and clear over the rocks of a waterfall, then compare it with the limpid stillness of a glade side pool, and how both these things may be expressed within your own nature.  Run water from a tap and feel its coolness slipping through your fingers, then see if you can pick it up in your hands.

Imagine what would happen if a dam broke its walls, or the rivers dried up and the monsoon never came.

All this can be compared with the feelings within us, tranquil and gentle as the stillness of a pool, or raging and as uncontrolled as the mighty rollers of a storm tossed sea.

Water is the great purifier, it cleanses and washes away disorder and dirt, just as the higher emotion of love can cleanse and revitalise our inner being.

Water is not light and bright like Air, for that is flirtation, and it is not the heat of Fire, for that is desire.

It is soft, limpid,malleable, and can easily be contained or overturned by the touch of love.  Thoughts can ripple the waves of water, or whip it up into a storm.

Our Spirit of enthusiasm can be severely dampened by uncontained emotion, but Earth and the stability within us is revived and enriched by the cool and gentle refreshment of rain.

How emotional are you?  Can you contain your feelings so they enrich your nature, and nourish and revive those around you?  Or are you over reactive, quick to take insult, or maybe immobilized by irrational fears?  What do joy and sorrow mean to you?

Dare you let yourself really love?

When you have lost your way

Walk out along the seashore, swim in a limpid pool, or take a shower and feel it flushing away your troubles.

It is cleansing and restful.

Relax, and imagine the joy of being able to allow your feelings to flow through you unrestricted by fear.

Nobody can really have your love unless you truly love yourself.

Water is about tranquility, gentleness and compassion, the blossoming of an open heart.

It is about love, and above all the love of giving for its’ own sake, and without conditions.