The Element Earth

Welcome to this introduction to the Element Earth.

Earth is stability

It is all things that bring nourishment, fullness, and fertility. It is our basic need and our basic-ness.

Earth is the ground beneath our feet, the foundation on which we build our life.


It is the core of our commonsense, our sensuality, and our senses.  Through it we touch, we taste, we smell, we see and hear through our eyes and ears.

Earth is green.  It dances in the leaves, in the fields, and in the hedgerows.

It colours the plants that spring to life from the foundations of stability.   Earth is their root source, as it is ours.

Earth is midnight.  A timeless dark, where we cannot see, but are forced to sense.  It is warm, sultry and silently protective.

It is the dependability and vulnerability of old age.  The time of knowing and understanding – the part of our life where growth begins and ends.

It is the disc of materiality; circular, signifying the roundness and fullness of nature; the continuous cycle of life; the phoenix rising from the ashes, yearly reborn from the earth.

Earth is winter, where all that is seen appears to die, yet lives beneath the surface, below the solid crust and in the warmth of the ground.  The promise of a new birth yet to come with the spring, when the sap rises in the roots of all living things.

Earth is reliable.  It is understanding of life.  It is the solidness of the future, built on the foundations of the past.

It is rich and dark, strong and immovable.

It holds the salt of our tears and builds from their refreshment, yet can be parched by the heat of our desire.

It nurtures the root, gives sustenance to the happiness we need.

Feel its texture in your hands.  Feel the energy it gives through the soles of your feet, as you run barefoot through the grasses.

Earth is being at home with oneself, integrated, unobsessed, fertile and making ready for all things.

Earth is the Mother of Strength, Justice and Law, the base of the physical world and the harbourer of the Spirit in manifestation.

Earth within us

Earth is more containable and safer than fire, for it is the sustainer of life, just as our own stability can sustain the life of an idea, a desire or a dream.

Without this element within our nature nothing would come into fruition for, without action, it would just remain in the realms of imagination.

Of all the elements it is the most dependable.  Many people look to animals for security, yet the feel of the earth beneath our feet is the most solid and reliable thing there is.

We call her Mother Earth, for this beautiful green and fertile Being is not an inanimate sphere of rock and stone, but the nourishment of our lives.  And just like a mother, we often take her for granted.  We blast, gouge and burn her, yet still she remains.

Take a handful of earth after the rain, and feel the moisture in its texture.

It needs water to prevent it from becoming barren and dry, and water is feeling, compassion and love.

We need love and emotion to keep us stable and prevent us from drying up inside.

The combination is good but, mixed with too much water, it can turn into rivers of mud, causing our stability to slip.

Compare the different textures of stone, wood, charcoal and earth and the different phases from dust to mud, or from the freshly sown field to the one that lies unploughed and fallow.

There is much we can glean about ourselves from all these things, by linking it with the other elements.

Shoes are one of the most trying things of civilised man.  Take them off sometime, and feel your strength and humour returning by walking on the grass and drawing the energy from the ground.

You don’t have to believe this is true – just try it!

How much earth is in you?

Are you reliable, solid, dependable?  Or are you over run with emotional worries, or obsessive desires?

Do you think too much, allowing this to disrupt your security?

Too much of any of the other elements will disrupt our stability, but too little will cause us to becoming inert, boring and unable to adapt to change.

When you have lost your way

Study the different colours and textures around you.

Feel the hidden secret world of the animals, the ground beneath your feet, and the abundant beauty of life.

Earth is solid and dependable, even in the midst of change.

Hear the sounds of the woodlands, smell the scent of the flowers, and realise the strength that can be attained by walking as one within the fullness of nature.

No other person can give you real security – only yourself.

Earth is about stability.  It is about recognising, and abiding by, the natural laws of this earth that gives us nourishment.

It is about dignity, respect, and strength of our resolve.

It is about understanding, and above all understanding and acceptance of self.