The Cure Within

The medical profession has long since suffered from being overrun with patients queuing in surgeries, and filling hospital beds for anything from minor operations to major transplants.  There is a school of thought however, that believes that surgeons, doctors and nurses are just brilliant mechanics who attempt, to the best of their ability, to put right the errors of faulty maintenance by their patients.

Complaints are often made that doctors only treat the symptoms, and never spend enough time in consultations to find out the root cause of problems.

This is hardly surprising, since there is so little time and so many patients, and perhaps the medical profession needs a lot more help from us, rather than holding all the responsibility on their own.

The body is recognised as a wonderful organic mechanism, and many abuse it, without appreciating that it needs to be looked after to keep it in fine condition, just like any valuable machine.

Few of us would expect a car to run smoothly all by itself without any attention, or even the occasional service, yet the extraordinary thing is that many of us completely ignore the needs of the body, by stuffing it with poor nutrition, too many waking hours, and not enough exercise.

Tiredness often causes accidents, and foolish maintenance can bring about disease. Maybe if we fully recognised that these risks apply just as much to us as to anyone else, we would feel more confident about doing something about it?

Nowadays people are far more respectful of the alternative and complementary medicines that use the “natural” or “holistic” process as their guideline, without having to resort to synthetic drugs.

Obviously for some, drugs are absolutely essential, and nobody would advise abandoning them without consulting their doctor. However, we are told that the holistic approach does fit in perfectly with the long-term restoration of balance and harmony to the body, by dealing also with the emotional and mental responses of the patient.

Although we may not want to become practitioners in this area, no more than we all desire to become doctors, it may be interesting to find out a little more about the different processes of healing that are less widely known.

This may give us more choice, greater control over our lives and, who knows, we could discover that the cure for most of our ills has been within us all the time.