The Cosmic Family

Welcome to the Cosmic Family.

Jupiter sits on the cloudsIt has been suggested that we would more easily understand the way Astrology works if we create pictures in our minds, rather than trying to cope with a jumble of words.

This can work particularly well when dealing with the planets and how Astrologers believe that they function within us.

In the beginning we need to appreciate that what is called the Natal Horoscope is really a language in images that describes the total person whose chart is under investigation.

The Natal Horoscope is just a picture of the heavens at the moment of the individual’s birth.

The process can seem complex, for we are looking at a number of things all at once: the planets, the signs, the houses, and much more.  So, just like in the initial stages of learning any language, it greatly helps to divide everything into sections, and learn the fundamentals before building around them.  In this section we will be looking at the Planets.

Science tells us that all things are an expression of energy, which can be mobile, as in humans, animals etc. or static, as in tables, chairs etc.  All energy needs an outlet to express itself, and astrologers believe that the Planets represent certain energies that are trying to express themselves within us.

Each Planet, therefore, can be understood as:


And these desires – although all basically the same within each of us – will express themselves differently according to their position in the chart, and this is what makes us all unique.

The planets and their behaviour have been compared by astrologers to the 10 fundimental ‘needs’ of each individual – to:


Astrologers argument is that everything ‘above’ in the universe is reflected in everything below on earth.  In fact, most religions have conceded to this premise.

In order to understand these basic needs, it may be worth looking at what could be described as the Archetypal Family Unit, for it might help us see how things start to link together.  However, the family unit we will talk about is somewhat different, in so much as it is inside us, and made up of a number of our essential desires.

Each person has their active need and role to play in the Archetypal Family and, in a perfect world, all should run smoothly, for one would compliment the other.  However, human nature being what it is, these essential needs can often pull against each other, causing disruption and feelings of irritation and frustration.

Astrologers tell us that, according to the positioning of the planets in our charts, certain aspects can arise between them that can cause friction or harmony, in much the same way as can happen in any family group.

The difference being that this particular family is compelled to live together for the rest of their lives. They must learn to work as a team, whether they get on or not, for there is no escape from the inner confrontations of ourselves.

In later pages an outline will be given of the types of personality and their basic qualities, as represented by the planets, and perhaps we will begin to see how people can sometimes find great difficulty in ‘getting on’ with themselves, much less everyone else, for all these essential parts of the nature may be arguing amongst themselves.

The descriptions given on the following pages are of a family, but a family of Cosmic or Planetary Beings, which represent the different inner needs of each of us.

They are ‘Gods’ of the Universe yet endowed with the qualities and faults of human kind. In fact they are ordinary people made into Gods, for they are the ‘archetypal’ of their race, and their force and power functions within all of us.

We are told that to portray them as anything less would be an insult to the quality of our own potential. We all have the ‘potential’ for perfection if we stop fighting ourselves, and aim to create harmony within, instead of war without.

When the planets are looked at in this way, it is easy to understand how the ancient myths and legends arose.  It is stressed, however, that the gender of these Beings do not always correlate with the myths as we know them, for it has been argued that the planetary nature of Neptune, Pluto and Saturn are more suited to being female than male.

In very simplistic terms the Cosmic Family can be looked upon as a motley group, who have grown up under the cautious but strict guidance of Saturn – the grandmother – a lonely and indomitable woman, who continues to keep a watchful eye over everyone.

The Sun is the benevolent golden boy, highly creative, strong, protective and demanding. He is the central figure of the family, around which everything else pivots. His partner is the Moon, an emotional mothering creature, who adapts to, and reflects, the needs of those around her, while her sister Neptune is the deeply sensitive romantic – the artist and whimsical dreamer of the group.

Jupiter is the opportunist and adventurer; the happy wanderer, laden with gifts, and his other siblings are strange and unaccountable, for Uranus epitomises the abrupt, brilliant, but somewhat crazy magician, whilst Pluto is a deeply intense, magnetic, dark, and brooding gypsy of the group.

The offspring of the family are Mercury the lithe, bright, querent, and budding intellectual; Venus, the beautiful, spoilt, sensual but loving daughter, and Mars, the rash, impulsive warrior, who may be better described as perhaps a rather uncouth youth.

These, we are told, are all aspects of ourselves and the basic impulses that everyone has, to different degrees, within their nature.

Greater detail of these attributes and how they might affect our lives will be given on the following pages.

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