The Base Chakra

As the name suggests, the Base Chakra is situated around the base of the spine in the genital area and its’ energy extends downward, like roots, through the legs and feet to contact the solid earth below.

It is the slowest moving Chakra, relating to our survival needs, and is therefore the foundation of the Chakra system in the body.

The colour associated is red, and thus represents the Martian energy needed to keep us alive.


If these survival needs are met, the Base Chakra will function healthily, but if there is a perceived threat to this, (such as a difficult house move, job change, health problems, etc.) it can create an imbalance.

These imbalances can show themselves in various ways, from sleeplessness and the inability to relax, to obsession with money, possessions or health.

Eating is a basic Base Chakra activity, and so eating disorders often indicate imbalance, as do obesity, haemorrhoids and constipation.

To maintain balance, we need to be both stable and flexible, and very much in contact with our true survival needs, without becoming too obsessed by them.

By Ruth McGregor

Note: Keeping the chakras clean and in balance forms part of the Practical Qabalah teachings. Tiphareth – sephirah 6 on the Tree of Life – is the sphere that relates to healing and balance.