The ‘Attitudes’ of the Signs

There is much information written about the general behaviour of the Zodiac Signs, and most of us are fairly aware of the one we reflect in our nature, which is known as our ‘Sun Sign’.


Few people, however, really know how these descriptions came about, and many consider them as just flights of the imagination.

Astrologers tell us that the mode of these Signs came from the Ancient Elders of many lands, who spent their lives in the study of nature, and related it by analogy to themselves.

The descriptions given in the following pages are not a duplicate of what you read in the newspapers, but an attempt to give an insight as to how and why the Signs are so strongly rooted in our personal make-up.

If we can understand this, then maybe we can see ourselves and others more clearly, and perhaps begin to appreciate the basic differences between each other, that can link together as a unified whole.

One of the questions often asked of Astrologers is how people of the same sign vary so much, and how is it that some don’t seem like their Sun Sign at all.

The answer is quite simple. We are not only made up of our Sun Signs alone. We are made up of 8 planets plus the Sun and the Moon, and we live on the planet Earth.  Our Sun Sign is therefore only part of the story.  The other planets may fall in other signs which make a great difference to the way we are.  There is also what is known as the Ascending Sign which tends to colour the attitude of the individual. (explanations of the Ascending sign are given on later pages

However the Sun Sign is the most dominant factor in our nature, for it expresses the ‘Urge to Live’. That is why so many people recognise themselves as, if not entirely but very like, the description of their Sun Sign.

According to the position of the planets in the chart it changes the nature of the person, and if these other planets are very dominant, they will express themselves more strongly than we would normally expect. Hence we sometimes find what appears to be big differences between people of the same Sign.

The Planet indicates What part of ourself we are trying to express. The Sign it is in, shows How we will express that part of ourself. That is why the attitude of the Signs, as well as the desires of the Planets to express themselves, are so important in interpreting the horoscope.

We are told that the best way to understand these attitudes is to relate them to ‘phases’ or ‘cycles’ of life, and once again we can turn to nature to find our direction.  Shakespeare spoke of the ‘7 Ages of Man’.   Astrologers have divided this further into 12 stages of growth, and also align them by analogy to the 4 seasons and 12 months of the year.  It is said that each sign vividly reflects the the movement of nature associated with the month to which they relate.

Gemini (May – June) is full of brightness and colour,

whilst Capricorn (December – January) is somber and reserved.

As we too are nature human beings, it is believed that we also vividly reflect a phase of growth as well as the season in which we are born, and this is expressed in our attitude and approach to life.

For example Aries is born at the birth of Spring, and expresses clearly the attitude of the Newborn fragile but bursting with energy and life!

Each Sign relates particularly to a specific planet, and is dominated by one of the 4 elements. The nature of the planet and type of element will show themselves clearly in the later descriptions of the signs.

Although the Signs relate to the different ages of life, it does not mean that all Arians are like babies and all Pisces are like old people. Nor does it mean that any sign is better or worse than any other. We are all made up of all the signs and all the planets, and the way they express themselves within our nature will be stronger or weaker according to their position in our charts.

All the ‘phases’ of life, of course apply to each of us, changing as we proceed through our youth to old age. However, the season we are born into has a particular affect on the way we behave, and thus this ‘attitude’ will remain with us all through life, and will tend to dominate everything we experience, whether it be our approach to love, career, money or spiritual development etc.

Every person reflects the season in which they are born, and will show the general attitude of the phase of life that represents their own personal Sun Sign. We are all unique, and experience and how we have handled it, amongst other factors, will make a difference but, if we observe carefully, we will see the overall traits shining through regardless of age or experience.

The art of Astrology is not just to understand ourselves, but to learn to understand others as well, so that we can approach them in the way best suited to their particular nature.

If we approach a Pisces person in a brash loud manner, we may not get a good reaction. But if we approach them in the way they feel safe, they are more likely to listen to us, and respond in the way we would like.

Each planet has a desire to express itself, and each sign has a job to perform in the way it expresses that desire. Wherever a planet is situated in the horoscope, so a sign is activated in order to achieve its objective. So, if we know where everything is placed in our chart, we can learn to become more closely in touch with ourselves, and therefore perhaps, take greater control of our lives?

On the following pages you will find descriptions of the perfected, or Archetypal aspects of the signs, the reasons why they behave as they do, and the role they are intended to play in the cycle of life.  Some will recognise themselves more easily than others, all according to how strong their Sun Sign is in their chart. Remember that, if you feel more akin to different signs, or a jumble of them all, then it is likely that other planets in other signs are making a stronger statement in your life.

The important thing to remember is that the descriptions given relate to the pure or Archetypal nature of each sign. All are equally spiritual, but just express this in a different way, and each has its own unique and valuable part to play in the evolution of humanity.

Note:  The dates shown on the following pages associated with the signs are approximate only. The actual dates vary fractionally each year, according to the exact time the Sun enters each Zodiac Sign every month. This can alter things by up to 2 or 3 days. The dates given apply to 2003 only.

If you are in any doubt as to which sign you belong, you will probably find you relate more strongly to the one that is right for you or, if you wish to be certain, you will need to find out the correct dates for your particular year.