The Archangel Raphael

The Archangel Raphael is the first of the 4 Great Archangels, and Master of the Powers of Light.

To visualise Him, you need to turn your minds’ eye to the East and imagine you are facing the radiant image of this magnificent Archangel of Air.

He stands before you, cool and erect, his hair shimmering with the tacit colour of sunbeams at dawn.

In his hands he holds, upright, the Sword of Damocles, which flashes pointed fragments of diamond light in reflection of the rising sun, and his robes are spun of golden silk, billowing softly in the mobile breeze of a warm springtime morning.

The Archangel Raphael touches the mind and the thoughts, for he is the bringer of Faith, and his sword represents the notion of Peace inspite of a troubled world – as in just the same way we may wake after a restless night and see things in a different light, giving us Faith that everything will turn out all right with the birth of a new day.

The sword cuts away the debris from our minds, and it also represents our mental will to overcome. It is not a symbol of attack, but only protection.

Raphael is often seen with the image of Aquarius embroidered on his breast, which indicates insight and truth, everlasting life,and the eternal belief in all humanity.

If you watch carefully, Raphael will raise his sword to you in silent salutation and, as he turns to face outwards across the mists of sunrise, he lowers its’ point to his feet. And there he remains holding the glittering hilt uppermost, with massive wings outspread in a stance of passive protection.

The sword of Raphael is the Sword of Peace, and lies at the end of the Rainbow Bridge of Faith between God and Man.