The Archangel Mikael

The Archangel Mikael is the second of the 4 Great Archangels, and Master of The Powers of Life.

To visualise Him, you will need to turn your mind’s eye to the South, and imagine you are facing the blazing figure of this vibrant Archangel of Fire.

He stands amidst a girdle of stars, enclothed in scarlet tunic, and armour of chain mail hewn in gold.

And through the brilliance of the awesome force that surrounds him, he holds aloft a burning wand of flame, lit from the noonday fires that gave birth to the sun.

The Archangel Mikael challenges our energy and enthusiasum, for he is the bringer of Hope, and his wand represents the notion of Courage to face the dangers that may confront us in life. In much the same way we can take comfort from the summer sun, consoling our fears, and giving power to the Inner Spirit to overcome.

Mikael is sometimes seen wearing a breast plate of heavy steel with the regal majesty of a mighty lion or a flaming dragon emblazened across it in burnished gold.

The lion represents the symbol of Leo which indicates almighty power, living energy, courage, and lust for life.

The dragon represents the symbol of our fear which is so easily slain if confronted with hope and courage.

If you watch carefully Mikael will turn in recognition of your presence, and just for a passing second you may catch a glimpse of the laughter of the ages in the blaze of his amber eyes, and see the brilliance of the midday sunlight in the flaming red of his hair.

Swiftly he draws a spiral of fire across the heavens, before swinging round to stand astride the pathway of the sun; unchallengeable and battle-proud, as he raises the burning wand of force, and remains in stance of active combat.

The Wand of Mikael is the Wand of Courage, and lies at the heart of Hope and the summer sun.