The Archangel Gabriel

The Archangel Gabriel is the third of the 4 Great Archangels, and Master of the Powers of Love.

To visualise Him, you need to turn your minds’ eye to the West, and imagine you are facing the shimmering image of this gentle Archangel of Water.

His image before you is one of magnetic intensity; passive yet undeniably compelling.

The rich copper tones of sunset reflect in the sheen of his hair, as he stands in a muslin robe of gossamer blue, bedecked by a mist of sequined stars, as fragile and tenuous as an evening sky. He holds a brilliant chalice, encrusted in precious jewels, and filled to overflowing with the waters of life.

Gabriel touches the heart and emotions, for he is the bringer of Love, and his chalice represents the notion of compassion amidst the sorrows of life – as in much the same way we can find more time to rest at the end of a challenging day, sharing our feelings with those we care about, and maybe finding some forgiveness for ourselves and the wrong doing of others.

The chalice represents the Holy Grail, the Cup of contentment, tenderness and joy, and reminds us that there is no need to fight for Love, for we can find it within ourselves. Great strength can be found in vulnerability.

Gabriel is sometimes seen with the silhouette of an Eagle, fused in silver across his breast, which shimmers as he moves. This represents the higher side of Scorpio, the invincible bird of prey that transcends the stars, and signals Transformation, Rebirth, and the rising of the Phoenix in a blaze of new life.

If you watch carefully, Gabriel will smile down at you, an all pervading softness emanating from the lunar blue of his eyes, which hold within them the shadowy whisper of a hundred memories, born from yesterday.

He turns and faces outwards across the shaded skies of dusk, raising the crystal flowing nectar high above his head, and remains, with wings outspread, in a stance of unconquerable receptivity.

The cup of Gabriel is the cup of Love, and lies in the depths of our feelings and the ebb and flow of the tides.