Toddler  ‘I Have’

Sit sometime and spend an hour with a Toddler.

They are at that phase in life where they are just learning to walk, and plod determinedly round the furniture, making sure of their ground before they feel secure enough to let go.


By this time they will have had enough experience to know that this big world can be quite a dangerous place, but there are those around who will nurture and protect them, so they set about the business of discovery slowly, and step by step.

At this age they tend to sit statically in a corner, happily bashing things with a spoon, or investigating the objects around them with infinite patience.

They have lost the urgency for survival that comes with a Newborn, and are now generally secure and content with their lot, for the harmony of the Planet Venus is linked strongly with their nature. They are much more aware of their creature comforts.  A Toddler at this age is in determined contact with the physical world. They look forward to the ‘special pudding’ that is there to entice them, and intensely dislike any sudden change in routine.

Can you imagine how tempting a wastebin can look?  It is a good shape to feel, but smells a bit strange …… who cares, it is a place to explore ……

A Toddler is at the phase of life where they are learning about the world by using their senses, and through this becomes aware of their physical well being.  They touch things, taste them, smell them, and repeatedly go through the same actions for hours ar a time, in order to learn what happens as a result.

Their possessions are their ‘very own’ as many will discover if they try to interfere in their game unless expressly permitted.  If you take away their possessions, you take away their comfort, security, and their means of knowing where they stand in the world.

The planet that governs Taurus is Venus, and the element that is linked strongly with them is Earth.  This makes them physically robust, deeply sensual, loving and mindful of the good things that they can touch and feel, like eating, drinking and being pampered in luxury.  The energy of the Earth Plane is money, and this they regard, more than most, as a basic necessity of life.

They are not hoarders of wealth, for they see the need to spend it as a way of securing the comforts of life. Their interest is in quality, not quantity. Possessions, particularly the beautiful things, are important to them, not because they are greedy, but because these treasures are something they can physically touch and see.  They bring harmony to their Inner Spirit, and to this end they have been known to make excellent Bankers, and Property Developers.

Taurians are generally content and practical, and make solid dependable workers.  Although it is said that they can get stuck in routine.  They, like the Toddler, are interested in new things, but change has to be slow, and only at their own pace.  They cannot be bullied into doing something they are insecure about and, although normally good natured and patient, they can also fly into bouts of rage if the pushed too hard, like the temper tantrums of a Toddler or the rampage of the Bull.

Take time to study the Bull.  He is an animal of nature content to sniff and graze in the meadows; thick set, robust and slow moving.  Foreign things that are suddenly thrust upon him cause great distress, for he has not had the time to rout them out and come to terms with them, in his own steady and systematic way.  If his territory is invaded he will charge in fury to protect what he sees as his own.

Liken all these things to the pure Taurian and their attitude to life.  They are powerful, earthy, satisfied, nature beings; can be led by the nose, but never driven, for they seek security, and dislike things obscured from their view.

Their life is moulded and shaped by what they sense and what they see, and they often make great sculptures, painters, gardeners, carpenters and builders, for they thrive in areas where they can use their hands, and where texture and design are brought to the fore.

Their form of communication is through the senses, for this is their way of learning, and because of the sensual nature of Venus within their make-up, they see beauty in the more basic things that others, perhaps, would dismiss as uninteresting or too slow to yield immediate results.  They are indeed the most deliberate, determined, and patient of beings.

The Earth element in their nature can be likened to the rich darkness of a newly ploughed field, or the sturdy growth of vibrant young plant – open, receptive, and ready for all good things.

Those of this sign are quite often accused of appearing stubborn and dogmatic by others more energetic and lively, but it should be understood they are born into the phase of experience of the Toddler that needs to move at their own pace and in their own time.  They don’t lack energy, in fact they are normally particularly strong, but they just use it wisely. They are very determined, and are rarely deterred from their goal, preferring to climb carefully around obstacles in order to reach it.

Taurus arrives in the middle month of Spring. A time when the urgency of new growth has passed and plants begin to slowly expand and develop, succulent and strong, through the nourishment of a bountiful earth.

To deny those of this Zodiac sign this same inner need, is like denying the full flood of spring from taking its next step towards the promise of an abundant future.

Above all the signs, they are capable of touching the essence of nature as it was intended to be, for their perception of the physical world is beyond comparison.

These loyal and gentle beings are as ripe in human warmth and nourishment as the rich texture of the earth plane that governs them; contented and static in their desire to discover the fundamentals of living.

Taurus people are the natural builders and gardeners of the world; the strong, steady rocks of a stable society, and the fertile soil of a budding civilisation. They are the keyholders of patience and security and, it is only from this stance of wholesome dependability, that humanity can find its feet, and cultivate the qualities to expand and grow.